Doping Scar On Indian Sports: A Brief History On Doping Controversy
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Doping Scar On Indian Sports: A Brief History On #Doping Controversy


After Russia’s ban from next Rio Olympics Indian wrestler, Narsingh Yadav’s fate in Rio Olympics is at stake. On Sunday he failed the doping test, although he denied all charges on him. If this will prove then, this time, his Rio dream will be over. Another Rio qualified shot putter Inderjeet Singh has failed his doping test. His Rio hope is still uncertain.

inderjeet narshing
Inderjeet Singh and Narsingh Yadav

Not only for Narsingh Yadav or Inderjeet Singh but any doping controversies in Indian sports is a hope lost and shameful event for India.

So, here are the other high-profile doping controversies in Indian sports:

Seema Antil

seema antil

In 2005, discus thrower Seema Punia Antil won a gold medal in 2000 World Junior Championship and this event gave her the nick name ‘millennium child’. But she lost her gold medal. Her national federation issued her a public warning after she tested positive for psuedoephedrine, a sympathomimetic drug.

Again before the 2006 Asian games, she tested positive for stanozolol (a steroid) but the National Federation cleared her and gave permission to participate in the Asian Games. However, she chose not to take part in the Games.

Anil Kumar

anil kumar

Anil Kumar, a discus thrower tested positive Norandrosterone, a derivative of nandrolone at the 2005 Asian Championships in Incheon. IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) suspended him for 2 years September 2005 to September 2007. He was disqualified from the Championships and deprived of his bronze medal.

Neelam Singh

neelam singh

Another discus thrower and Arjuna Award winner (1998) Neelam Jaswant Singh tested positive in the 2005 World Championships for the banned stimulant pemoline. IAAF suspended her for two years.

Saurabh Vij

sauravh vij

An Indian shot putter Saurabh Vij faced banned from 2010 Commonwealth Games after he tested positive for banned stimulant Methylhexaneamine. However, within a week NADA (National Anti-Doping Agency) cleared him and gave permission for 2010 Games.

Harikrishnan Muralidharan

A long jumper, Muralidharan was given ban for two years after he tested dope positive in 2010 Commonwealth Games.

Mandeep Kaur, Sini Jose and Ashwini Akkunji

golden girls
From left Sini Jose, Ashwini Akkunji, Manjeet Kaur and Mandeep Kaur

In 2010 Commonwealth and Asian Games 4x400m relay team gold medalist women got a ban for 2 years. Jose tested positive anabolic steroid Methandienone, Akkunji tested positive for anabolic steroids and Mandeep tested positive for Methandienone and Stanozolol.

Rani Yadav

rani yadav

Rani Yadav, Indian athlete tested positive for taking banned anabolic agent in 2010 Commonwealth Games and was suspended.

Jauna Murmu

Jauna Murmu

A sprinter Jauna Murmu got 2 years doping ban in 2011 after tested positive for Methandienone.

21 Weightlifters


India’s biggest doping scandal hit in 2015, April. These 21 weightlifters tested positive for taking banned substances across different championships. Indian Weightlifting Federation suspended them.

Ketki Sethi

The Punjab thrower during the national meet in Patiala failed a dope test and banned for eight years.

The above-mentioned doping history in Indian sports surely affected these athletes career but these all doping scandals left a scar on Indian sports forever.

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