Eat Less To Live Long And Stay Healthy!
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Eat Less To Live Long And Stay Healthy!


Yang brigahyama University biochemistry professor and researcher John Prise reports, when the cell’s protein-producing chromosome, ribosome works slowly, and then aging occurs at slow pace. Ribosome uses 10-20 percent cell energy for protein production.  And when we receive less calories, ribosome’s protein production becomes slow. As a result, ribosome gets more time for its compensation. Ribosome’s compensation is very important for age retention.

For this study, Price and his team of researchers examined two groups of mice. One group was given huge amount of food. And the other group was given 35 percent less food. Though, all type of nutrition was kept.

Prise said, “When the amount of calories is reduced, the chemical changes in the body may reduce the rate of aging. During the study, rats who were given fewer calories became less sick than the others and their energy as well as increased. They have lived a healthy life for many days.”

The research was published on the journal Molecular and Cellular Proteomics.

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