ED Detects Rs 1.43 Crore in Mayawati’s Brother’s Account
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ED Detects Rs 104 Crore In BSP’s Account And Rs 1.43 Crore in Mayawati’s Brother’s Account

mayawati and her brother

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Monday detected Rs 104 crore in an account belonging to Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP). In an another account Rs 1.43 crore was detected which was belonging to BSP Supremo Mayawati’s brother, Anand Kumar in a branch of United Bank of India.

According to the officials, on Monday the agency as part of its routine survey visited the Karol Bagh branch of the UBI and found huge deposits of these two accounts.

The investigators found out that after the demonetisation Rs 102 crore was deposited in Rs 1,000 notes and the rest Rs 3 crore was deposited in the old 500 notes.

The officials said they were surprised after they came to know that Rs 15-17 crore being deposited every other day. They detected Rs 18.98 lakh came into Anand’s account using the old notes after the ban.

The ED has asked the bank to provide all the details including CCTV footage and KYC documents which used to open the accounts.

BSP denied the allegation

BSP chief Mayawati dismissed all the allegations and said “the centre was misusing its official machinery and trying to malign the image of her party ahead of Uttar Pradesh elections.”

Instead, she slammed the BJP. At a press conference in Lucknow on Tuesday she said, “We have account of every rupee deposited in bank, but what about deposits by BJP?”

“I want to tell the PM that if you have any honesty and sincerity…. you should public any major expense, statement of deposits and expenditures of the BJP. Let it all be out in the open.”

What BJP said

BJP spokesperson GVL Narsimha Rao said the ED should look into the accounts which were deposited exceed of the acceptable amount. He told the ANI that if the BSP deposited more than Rs 100 crore in its accounts then the party will have to provide their explanations as to what is the source of the money. “The Enforcement agencies fear that a lot of unaccounted money, illegitimate money, money from which taxes have not been paid is being laundered into different accounts.”

He added, “So, whether it’s a political leader or a political party, they will be expected to provide source of such money that possibly is the angle that the Enforcement Directorate would be looking at. We should allow all the Enforcement agencies to do their job.”

Another BJP leader Nalin Kohli said if BSP has their explanation about the source of the money then they have nothing to fear.

“If Mayawati ji’s brother has an explanation, has a business, has a lot of money, has a lot of cash and he can explain that this is how it has come into my account then there is no issue.”

He said but if he has no explanations and the money was coming from some unknown companies with whom he had no relations then there should be an investigation.

Kohli again said this is not a political issue but the fight against black money. This is no matter whether it is an ordinary person or a highest person “anyone who has cash and deposits money or brings large sums of money into their accounts without explaining the source and the reasons has to be investigated.”

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