After The Election Of Donald Trump Hate Crimes Increase On Muslim-Americans
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After The Election Of Donald Trump Hate Crimes Increase On Muslim-Americans


Two Muslim women who working for New York authorities suffered hate crimes just 36 hours apart. Since the election of Donald Trump, hate crime incidents has been increased in America.

A uniformed city transit employee was pushed down the stairs at Grand Central Station. She was taken to hospital with knee and ankle injuries. Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said a male suspect pushed her and called her ‘terrorist’.

According to the prosecutor, an off-duty Muslim police officer was harassed in Brooklyn. The accused was held on Monday on a $50,000 bail on hate crime charge. The officer Aml Elsokary was walking with her 16-year-old son in Brooklyn’s Bay Ridge neighbourhood on Saturday. A man then lunged at the boy, he accused the officer and the boy had links with terror group IS and threatened to cut her throat. Police said the accused was yelling “Go back to your country” before escaping.

Cuomo said that on Saturday a subway train was also damaged with swastika graffiti. Last week, Ku Klux Klan fliers and business cards were distributed at two stations on the Long Island Rail Road.

City mayor Bill de Blasio and Cuomo said those hate crimes would not be tolerated and should be prosecuted.

De Blasio told the reporters, “Do I blame Donald Trump for using hate speech during his campaign? Absolutely. He did. It’s a fact. He said horrible things about Muslims, horrible things about Mexican Americans.”

Almost 900 Muslim-Americans currently serve in the New York police department, which is the largest city force in the country.

Police reported on Monday that hate crimes in New York were increased 35% compared to last year but the arrests in those cases were also up 45%.

In the first 10 days after the presidential election and Trump’s win, nearly 900 hate crimes were recorded across the country. Police said more than half of the attacks were anti-Semitic.

On Monday, the New York police officials pledged to find and prosecute all the hate crime suspects. Police commissioner James O’Neil told the reporters, “If anybody’s thinking in New York City about engaging in this type of behaviour, just rest assured that you will be identified, you will be arrested, you will be charged accordingly.”

The FBI describes the hate crime as criminal offence “against a person or property motivated in whole or in part by an offender’s bias against a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, or gender identity.”

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