All Employees Of Pepsico Are worried On Trump's Victory, CEO Indra Nooyi Said
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All Employees Of Pepsico Are worried On Trump’s Victory, CEO Indra Nooyi Said

Indra Nooyi

Hillary Clinton’s defeat spread panic among women, homosexuals and brown-black skin. All are worried of their future in Donuld Trump’s United States. Says US-based multinationals’ Pepsico’s Indian-origin CEO Indra Nooyi. On Monday, staunch supporter of Hillary Clinton, Nooyi was visibly frustrated and mentally devastated in a conference of New York Times. Although she made the joke.

How did she felt when on 9th November she get to know Donald Trump’s victory after waking up? Responding to the question asked by the journalists, she said in a cry face, “It’ll take a lot of tissue paper if I start now. One box at least.” But she explained avowedly that Trump’s America is not a place of dependence.

She said that all the workers of Pepsico are upset and worried, specially the black ones’. Many gays are in Pepsico factory, they are also afraid. Her daughters are asking her what will be next!

So she greatest act is to give courage to the terrorize citizens, to convince people that this is not going to change anything in America after the elections. Whatever Trump has threatened was all election speech. But in reality, life will flow it it’s own way.

Nooyi said that there’s only one regret. America’s main problems were overshadowed by the preaching. They did not discuss any of the real issues. But there war a lot of issues to discuss. Unemployment, world-trade-0these needed reforms, needed to be discussed. These discussions cannot be avoided in future. America has to talk.

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