Bhopal Encounter Audio Clip: Police Had No Intention To Arrest But To Kill
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Encounter Of SIMI Activists: New Audio Clip Reveals Police Had No Intention To Arrest But They Had Orders To Kill

bhopal encounter

Two audio clips of SIMI activists’ encounter has created more controversy about the operation. The audio clips detailing the conversation between security men who were involved in the operation. The nine minute audio clips were recorded in the police control room on the day of the encounter. In the clip, it was heard “gher ke kardo poora kaam tamam” (surround them and finish the job).

According to the audio clips, the police personnel got an order to kill them. They had no intention to arrest the 8 men. In the clip, a person can be heard asking the policemen to take positions and firing from the other site was heard.

The police officials were told to talk less on the wireless sets, use phones instead for better communication with police teams.

The audio clips raised a question about the official version of the events. When asked about the audio tapes, IG (Bhopal) Yogesh Chaudhary said that he didn’t have the time to hear the audio tapes and said the questions should be asked to the CID, as they are investigating the matter.

When the SIMI operatives started firing at the police, a policeman said “unhone firing ki hai chodna nahin hai….fire kar rahe hain jawaab diya jaye (they have fired and a befitting reply should be given).”

In the tape, a voice ordered “Patel sahib, nipta do (Patel sahib, kill them).” The voice behind the clip praised a senior officer and also criticizing another for not doing his duty properly.

When a senior officer was about to reach a voice said “finish them quickly”. Voices on the audio clips celebrated the death of the jail-breakers. It was heard “five killed, three to go”. The video clips also include the conversations on wireless sets between the policemen and the control room and they named the police officers by using standard code like Mic1, Mic2.

It was recorded, “Surround them from all sides. They should not escape alive… Congrats aantho mar gaye DSP Crime ne bataya. Very good…beech mein pade hain (Congratulations, all eight have been killed, DSP Crime has said. Very good. The bodies are lying in the middle).”

The other conversation heard on the tapes, “Go ahead, bilkul nahi peeche hatna hai. Aur jitney Charlie hai unko bhi batao, gher ke kardo poora kaam tamam (Don’t back off. Tell all Charlies, surround them and finish the job).”

A voice asked for ambulances. “Ilaaj karne me kitna paisa kharcha hoga (How much money will be spent on treatment).” At one point some one said, “Koi zinda rehna chahiye (Someone must be kept alive).”

After killing all the eight terrorists someone said, “Sir ko batao, aantho maare gaye, encounter success ho gaya. Over (tell Sir that all eight killed, encounter is successful).” “Abhi media bhi nahi pahunchi hogi, media me bhi dum nahin hai (the media may not have reached, the media doesn’t have guts).”

The clips ended with a round of applause and the officers congratulated each other.

All the opposition parties criticized the encounter and they are demanding independent investigation in the killing of the 8 SIMI terrorists.

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