Everyone Has Brown Eyes; Blue, Green Are Just Optical Illusion
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Everyone Has Brown Eyes; Blue, Green Are Just Optical Illusion: Optometrist

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You love blue eyes’ people! But do you know everyone actually has brown eyes! There are no blue or green eyes. According to science, it’s all because of melanin which determines our skin and hair and is also contained in the iris of our eyes.

An optometrist and senior editor of the eye care website ‘All About Vision’ Dr. Gary Heiting said in a real sense there is nothing like blue, green or hazel coloured eyes. Every eye is brown and other colours are optical illusion. “Everyone has melanin in the iris of their eye, and the amount that they have determines their eye colour.”

He said there’s only one type of pigment and the pigments in our body are determined by melanin. According to CNN, Irises are made up of a miniature version of melanin called melanocytes, which only come in one colour, brown.

Technically all eyes are brown but the amount of melanocyte varies from person to person. The people who have lighter eyes have less melanocytes. It allows light to be more easily absorbed and reflected, making their eyes appear lighter in colour.

Similarly, those who have brown eyes they have more melanocyte in their iris, so they absorb less light.

Dr. Heiting said this is medically defined as ‘scattering’.

The theory for the blue eyes is when the light is scattered, it bounces back at shorter wavelengths which correspond with the colour blue.

For the green and hazel-eyed people, they have the amount of melanocyte that is somewhat in between the two.

That’s mean the more melanocytes in your iris, the darker your eye colour. And the different light shades we see in someone’s eyes are actually due to the amount of light absorbed by the eyes.

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