Everyone Living In India Is Hindu Including Muslims By Nationality: Says RSS Chief
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Everyone Living In India Is Hindu Including Muslims By Nationality: Says RSS Chief

mohan bhagwat

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat on Wednesday remarked that all the people live in Hindustan are Hindus including Muslims who have a different way of prayer but are Hindus by nationality.

While addressing a ‘Hindu Sammelan’ in Madhya Pradesh’s Betul, he said, “Whoever lives in Hindustan and has respect for its traditions, are all Hindus. Muslims may have a different way of performing prayers, but their nationality is Hindu. All Hindus are accountable for Hindustan.”

The RSS chief explained just like English live in England, Americans in America and Germans in Germany, Hindus live in Hindustan.

He added, “It is no surprise if members of Rashtriya Muslim Manch do an ‘aarti’ of Bharat Mata because they are Hindus… They may have become Muslims by faith but they are Hindus by nationality.”

Bhagwat said Hindus should be alerted for the honour of the country. “Across the globe, it has been said that Bharat will become the world guru. In such a situation we are accountable for the country. It is necessary for Hindus to remain united and bury their differences.”

He added that may be the caste, sub-caste, language, rituals are different but “the language of our hearts is one”. The chief maintained diversity is beautiful but it should also have unity.

He urged the people to be united and bury their differences otherwise the society will suffer. Bhagwat mentioned the outside world is uniting but here, in India, it is not happening.

The chief called upon all the people to embrace all the sections, it improves the beauty of the society.

Former Union Minister Salpal Maharaj also addressed the function. He emphasised on women empowerment.

Bhagwat visited Betul district jail and paid tributes to second Sarsanghchalak of RSS late Madhav Sadashiv Golwalker alias ‘Guruji’.

He visited barrack no. 1 of the district jail where in 1949 Golwalker was arrested for about three months after the organisation was banned following Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination.

However, Congress criticised his visit, calling it a violation of jail manual and an effort to glorify the member of the banned organisation.

It said only the family members and friends of a prisoner can visit the jail with the permission of jail management. The Congress questioned Bhagwat and other RSS functionaries hold no posts in the government then in what capacity did they visit the jail.

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