South Bengal: 8 Offbeat Places One Must Visit Part II
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Explode The Unexploded-South Bengal: 8 Offbeat Places One Must Visit Part II

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If you are the type who loves going to offbeat locations then some places in West Bengal you would definitely like to visit. Going to less crowded locations in West Bengal is a great way to have fun and adventure filled holiday and to explore places that lie off the beaten path. So after North Bengal today I have listed the offbeat places of South Bengal that you will really love to visit. Here we go:


bawali rajbari

Staying in three ethnic cottages located beside two large ponds surrounded by more than 180 species of plants and an overdose of greenery can be your next weekend destination near Kolkata. A cruising drive of 35 kms through the villages on the outskirts of Kolkata would take you to this plant nursery, a garden, a modern ethnic guesthouse, a fish farm and a knowledge centre for under-privileged children – all put together. You can spend your weekend angling some great catches, reading some great books, telling stories to the village children and visiting some local attractions like the 300-year old Bawali Rajbari, Ganges riverside and Achipur.

You can take trains from Sealdah to Budge Budge Station. From Budge Budge Station (now renamed as Komagata Maru Budge Budge Railway Station) you can take auto rickshaws to reach Bawali. If you are taking the road, then you can take the road connecting Thakurpukur to Bakrahat or Taratola to Bakrahat to reach Bawali. Buses like SD76 would also take you to Bawali from Kolkata.


deulghata temple

Witness of the bygone era of Bengal, Deulghat is located near the Kansabati River near Boram under Arsha police station. Mainly visited by tourists to be mesmerized by the royal ruins, this wonderful tourist spot encompasses 15 ruined temples which are rich in architectural grandeur and work as a source of information for the history buffs. Delicate carvings and the unique construction pattern converse about the suave taste of Pal and Sen Dynasty of Bengal. Palash Parban celebrated during Dol Utsav (Holi) is a bizarre festival that the fun loving souls would enjoy.



Junput is about 9 km from Contai town has Deshapran Fishing Harbour at Petuaghat. At this place Rasulpur River meets the Bay of Bengal. It is one of the wonderful fishing harbors in coastal Bay of Bengal. Another attraction here is 96 feet high Dariapur Lighthouse where tourists are allowed to climb the top. It gives a nice feel to stand and watch the vast sea and its waves. In Marishda there is very old temple of Jagannath Dev almost 400 years old that is 8-10 KMs away. Temple of Hatnagar at Egra 17 km from Contai is also worth checking out. Tamralipta town that finds mention in history books may be however no remains of the town exist now. Famous temple, of Bargabhima can also be be seen at Tamralipta. There are also Tamralipta Museum and Sri Ramkrish-na Mission at Tamralipta.

Junput resort is only accommodation available. There is no spot booking facility however, costs are reasonable as they have rooms in range 500-900(A.C)


singee village

At Singee, you can walk along the paddy fields, marvel at 300-year old terracotta temples, make wishes to the magic tree and sit besides the Brahmani River gazing at the green horizon. There is something for everyone at Singee – a little know village in Bardhaman with a hint of history, culture, untouched village life and endless greenery. If you are harbouring some special interests like bird watching, then you can visit nearby ox-bow lake of Chupir Char in Purbasthali, which is the hotbed for migratory birds.

If you are travelling by car, then you can take NH19 from Kolkata and cross Singur and reach Jaugram and further take diversions to reach Manteswar and finally Singee. If you are travelling by train, the nearest Railway Station would be Patuli. Regular, local trains are available from Howrah to Patuli. It takes around two hours to reach Patuli Station from Howrah.



50 km from Kolkata City, Chandraketugarh is a historical site on the bank of Bidyadhari River in South 24 Pargana. Chandraketugarh gets the name from King Chandraketu whose civilization had flourished here for six eras. Fort here was built by King Chandraketu and is considered beautiful archaeological structure of the region. According to the Archaeological Survey of India, the relics excavated from this site date back to the days before the establishment of the Maurya Dynasty and some of them are even 3000 years old. It is believed that the city used to be a flourishing one during the Pre-Mauryan to Pala Dynasty period and it was referred to as Gangaridai by the ancient Roman and Greek writers. The excavation has revealed a temple spreading across 45 sq km and dating back to 700 to 600 BC. Other significant relics collected from this site are Buddha stupas and images, coins of Jataka stories, decorative designs of Pala period, terracotta sealing and plaques and number of earthen utensils and showpieces.

Chandraketugarh can be reached by road, via Barasat. The journey takes around 2 hours. From Ultadanga and Espalanade, regular buses are available to Barachampa.



Only 19 km from Bishnupur, Chechuria is a manmade eco-sanctuary that can be an ideal retreat for those who would love to go for a picnic party with their family. Inside the park there are walking trails lined with varieties of trees. The chirping of birds, fresh air and quiet environment remove all exhaustions of day to day life.


rajendrapur eco village

Rajendrapur is a beautiful village just 42 kms from the heart of Kolkata. You wake up to the chirping of birds and watch out from the window of your mud hut to the green horizon of paddy fields dotted with towering coconut trees. You stay in mud huts decked with modern facilities but no Televisions. There is a pond where you can wet your feet and enjoy angling with local fishing rods.

If you are going by car, then you have to take Basanti Highway from Science City and take the road turning right before Malancha. All Buses connecting Malancha from Kolkata will take you to Rajendrapur.


murguma dam

Murguma is a tribal village in Purulia district of West Bengal. It is an ideal weekend getaway situated in a beautiful natural environment and pristine landscape. There is a dam on the Saharjor River which is the prime attraction of this place. The lake created by this dam is surrounded by hillocks and forests. A number of birds inhabit the surrounding areas of this lake. Winter is the best time to visit Murguma.

You can reach Purulia from Howrah by train. Murguma is 43 km from Purulia station. From Purulia, you can get a car to reach Murguma.

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