South Bengal: 10 Offbeat Places One Must Visit Part I
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Explore The Unexplored-South Bengal: 10 Offbeat Places One Must Visit Part I

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If you are the type who loves going to offbeat locations then some places in West Bengal you would definitely like to visit. Going to less crowded locations in West Bengal is a great way to have fun and adventure filled holiday and to explore places that lie off the beaten path. So after North Bengal today I have listed the offbeat places of South Bengal that you will really love to visit. Here we go:

Henry’s Island, Bakkhali

henry islandThe main attraction of Henry Island is the beach adjacent to the Sunderbans. Under the supervision of the Fisheries Department of the Government of West Bengal, some 100 hectare land is being used for pisciculture along with forest conservation. A place like this always appears enchanting. There is a watchtower which offers a complete panoramic view of the entire island from its top. The sea here is quite timid and as you walk on the slightly black colored beach, you will see many ships sailing in the distant sea.

You have to turn left from Jelighat stop which is some 4 kilometers before Bakkhali and on driving some 1.5 kilometers, you will come across the lodges one by one.

Chandpur, Midnapore

chandpurChandpur is the newest beach destination near Kolkata. This beach is best spending of your weekend frolicking in the briny water. But, Chandpur reveals its true mystery during full moon nights when the sea seems to turn into silver and the beach golden. In Chandpur, you enjoy the sunset, the early morning walks on the beach and the lonely evenings with your loved ones on the resort’s terrace watching the twinkling stars of the night sky meeting the endless sea.

If you are going by car, then you have to take the road to Chand pur before entering Shankarpurand by train you need to come to the Digha station and then take a trekker to Chandpur.

Santipur, Nadia

santipurThis small town is mainly famous for its tant sarees. Tant sarees of Phulia, Santipur are very popular in Bengali households and exported to foreign countries. There are a number of temples in Santipur which are more than a century old and depict a unique style of temple architecture called Aatchala. The temple of Poteshwari is believed to be two hundred centuries old. The writer of Bengali Ramayana, Krittibas Ojha was born here.

There are many trains from Sealdah Station to Phulia, Santipur.

Duarsini, Purulia

duarsiniDuarsini has forest dotted with Ahal and Palash trees. Villages of tribes like Santhal, Munda, Shabaradh, and Kheriya also are attractions because of their culture. The jungle is an interesting place to visit, where wild animals like Bear, Wild Pig, and herds of Elephants, Hyena, and Wolf. Group of Elephants may come out from Dalma to visit Duarsini. Bhalo Hills, which is 3 km from Duarsini has ancient civilization remains.

Ispat Express from Howrah Station leaves at 6.55 am and you can get down at Ghatshila, then rent a car from there to Duarsini.

Nehru Park, Burnpur

nehru parkThis park is a good evening trip from Asansol. The park was developed on the banks of the Damodar, retaining the undulating terrain of the area. A small stream flows through the park. The park has a number of facilities such as musical fountains which operate on weekends and Thursdays, boating, slides and restaurant in it.

It is 14 kms from Asansol railway station and you can hire taxi or auto rickshaw from there. Minibuses plying from Asansol up to Riverside drop/pick up visitors near the park entrance gate.

Nachan, Burdwan

nachan nature bungalowIn Nachan, the lake stretches as far as the horizon and finally touches the Palash forest on the other side. The bungalow stands on the banks of the lake amidst gardens and patches of flower beds overlooking the lake, the Palash Forest, the villages and infinity. If you are of the adventurous kind and is waiting to run away from the din of your city life, then Nachan Nature Bungalow should be your pick for this weekend. Nachan is a village beside an endless lake created by a dam.

The nearest rail station from Nachan is Durgapur Railway Station and then you can hire local taxis to reach Nachan. You can take regular busses from Kolkata or go with your own car take NH19 to Durgapur and then take the roads towards Nachan.

Garh Panchkot, Purulia

garh panchkotMostly the area is dotted with age old temples that are specimens of different architectural styles like Pancharatna, Jor-Bangla and Pirha. The place has history of being attacked by bargis. Lot of herbs and medicinal value plants species are Amloki, Gurmar, Bahera, Kalmegh, Satamul, Sarpagandha, Jastimadhu, Neem, etc. Damodar in monsoons is full to its brim and bird watching and walking along its bank is pass time that people do.

Garh panchkot is less than an hour drive from Asansol and only 71 kms from Purulia Station on the Southern Panchet foothills. There are a few trains available from howrah to Asansol Railway Station.

Khoai, Shantiniketan

khoaiKhoai is a geological formation of small canyons resulting from constant erosion caused by wind and water. The Khoai Shantiniketan region in Bolpur is characterised by a patch of dry forest of Sonajhuri trees on an eroded landscape of red laterite soil. This unique look of the forest was immortalised by Rabindranath Tagore in many of his compositions. The Sonajhuri forest in Khoai is surrounded by the famous Kopai River on one side and Ballavpur Forest and Bonerpukur Adivasi Village on other sides. Shonajhuri literally means “droplets of gold.” In winters, the Sonajhuri trees shed their tiny yellow flowers and the whole forest seems to have a downpour of gold.

There are bus services and regular trains from Kolkata/Howrah Station to Bolpur. If you are going by a car, take NH19 first and NH114 from Nababhat.

Tajpur, Midnapore

tajpurTajpur has dense forest of tamarisk trees that is spectacular to watch. The beach has lot of red crabs which take walk and make the beach their playground. Walking with tiny steps they add to different kind of beauty when they are together in large number there is wide variety of fauna including wild Gangetic dolphin, Oliver Ridley turtle, wide variety of birds and cranes. The River Mohana and villages of the fishermen are close to this sea beach and serve as the must see attractions of Tajpur. Kayaking, Rafting, Zorbing, and Rock Climbing are some of the most adventurous activities to be enjoyed in Tajpur.

From Digha station you can hire a trekker to Tajpur or busses from Kolkata to Digha drop you to Balusai More and you can hire local van from there to Tajpur.

Agarhati, South 24 Parganas

agarhatiAgarhati is a true water world, just two-hour drive from Kolkata. The resort itself sits on large fishing lakes (bheris) surrounded by water on all sides. The endless stretch of water meets the skies in the distance. There is a small lush green island within the resort connected by a bamboo bridge where you can sit and enjoy the view of water on all sides.

If you are going by a car then you have to take Basanti Highway from Science City and cross Malancha to reach Agarhati. All Buses connecting Dhamakhali from Kolkata will take you to Agarhati.

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