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Factors Redefining Luxury Housing in Bengal

Factors redefining lixury hotels in bengal

Luxury housing has reached great heights in Bengal. This is epitomized by the fact that many people from the middle class have begun investing in luxury housing in West Bengal. Being the capital, most of these luxury housing projects are located in Kolkata.

Kolkata is truly the City of Joy. Once the Second City of the British Empire, it is now renowned as the cultural capital of India. Of late, there has been a spurt in the real estate sector in the city. It could be because of the relative ease of doing business here in current times thus causing construction activities to soar in the bustling metropolis.

There are many new and upcoming projects being launched in every corner of the city. From B.T. Road in North Kolkata to New Garia in South Kolkata, new residential complexes are coming up everywhere. Orchard 126 by Oswal Group, in B.T. Road, North Kolkata has 2 BHK and 3 BHK flats complemented with the best in class amenities that help you lead a happy and secure life.

This article helps you identify the various factors that are redefining luxury housing in Bengal. It provides you with insightful knowledge about how this trend caught up in India in recent times and especially so in Kolkata and Bengal.

Read on to find out the reasons behind the same and how it can help you obtain awareness about the latest trends in the field of luxury homes.

High Purchasing Power

The purchasing power of Indians has increased manifold in recent years. This has mainly been possible because of the growth of the economy and the rise of better business practices. The result has been that more Indians have a greater amount of wealth that what they used to get earlier.

In fact, many reports state that the overall wealth has grown more among Indians than among people of other countries. In other words, the proportion of people becoming wealthier in India is higher than the global average.

All these factors reflect the high purchasing power that Indians now enjoy. Thus, they will now invest more in luxury housing as they want to live a happy and comfortable life. The situation has certainly evolved when compared with previous times.

Earlier, only the affluent could afford to buy luxury homes. However, in current times, this trend has evolved with even people from middle-class families with high stable incomes taking an active interest in purchasing new luxury homes.

This trend is also augmented by the fact that many well-established NRIs have begun investing in these homes as they want to make a lucrative investment. This augurs well for them as they get the double bonanza of getting higher returns on investment and also a glamorous place for them to stay when they come for short trips here.

All the above factors make it amply clear that India is booming and the best way to become a part of this is to make a smart investment to get higher returns.

Branded Homes

This has led to the emergence of branded homes that provide the best ambiance and facilities that cater to people from all walks of life. These homes cater to a niche market and have impeccable hospitality that makes them irresistibly attractive.

They are also very high on the aesthetic quotient and provide the owners of being on cloud nine with their enchanting surroundings. This is largely a result of the intensive and high-quality planning that goes in making these projects a reality.

There are a number of real estate developers in the city who provide branded homes and the rise in the same has changed the look and feel of the city within a very short time. This augurs well for the branded homes market in Bengal as it satiates the demand of the customers to optimum levels.

This trend will only increase in the near future as denizens of Kolkata become more aware of the existence of luxury living that caters to their refined and sophisticated tastes and sensitivities.

Hence, it becomes essential for us to recognize this trend as a valid one so that we can improvise on it. This will help us craft a better future when such large-scale projects can be launched.

Themed Villas

Luxury housing also includes the incredibly chic themed villas that will scintillate people of varied tastes. Villas provide a regal ambiance with high levels of privacy in spacious and well-designed homes. No wonder they have achieved a high level of popularity in very little time.

They are perfectly suited for luxury homes as they have a very individualistic personality that makes you stand apart from the rest. This gives the required panache that is due to people with avant-garde sensibilities and makes them come back for more.

Villas also provide the perfect fusion of the classic and the contemporary and contains an eclectic mix of both. Hence, it is highly probable that these home styles will be even more popular given their versatility and widespread appeal.

Hence, themed villas with highly decorative themes will certainly rule the roost in the coming days.

Smart Homes

The latest innovation to hit the market is smart homes. With the increased use of technology and the Internet becoming a part and parcel of our daily lives, it becomes imperative for our homes to follow the suit.

Nowadays homes come fully equipped with all sorts of devices like burglar alarms, fire alarms, smoke detectors and the like. All these gadgets and gizmos help in facilitating our lifestyle and elevate it to a new level.

Hence, these features are an inseparable part of our homes and why would luxury homes not incorporate them?  Given the way artificial intelligence is growing, it wouldn’t be long before smart homes become the order of the day. So we must strive to make these components a regular feature of our homes. Hence, smart homes reflect the future of modern homes and must be embraced without any qualms.

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