FANTASTIC FESTIVALS - Gualeguaychu Carnival, Argentina
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FANTASTIC FESTIVALS – Gualeguaychu Carnival, Argentina

Gualeguaychu Carnival - Argentina

Argentina’s most important carnival, El Carnaval del Pais, is celebrated in Gualeguaychú. Popularly known as Gualeguaychú carnival, it is considered as one of the best in the world, together with those of Rio de Janeiro, and Venice. This amazing artistic display has been around for over thirty years. The months of January, February and the first week of March are dedicated to the carnival in Gualeguaychú. It is celebrated on every Saturday night during the said period in a stadium called a corsódromo, which was opened in 1997. This corsódromo is the second in South America with a seating capacity for 40,000 people. It is well equipped with a number of stands, chairs and a VIP area.

The Carnival is a perfect blending of dance and music. It is said that, the vigorous rhythm of Brazil was born out of the street musicians of Uruguay, reminiscent of the feathers of ‘Corrientes’. Though organized by the sports and social clubs, basically it is the blood, sweat, spirit and heart of Gualeguaychú that creates this amazing, spectacular and breathtaking show, giving it a distinctive stamp of its own.

The carnival schools take part in the parade, each with four or five huge, stupendous and extraordinarily decorated floats. In between the floats, groups of people dance in exorbitant and exquisite costumes with lots of feathers and lots of bare skin. Like the Rio Carnival in Brazil, it’s all about pomp and pleasure, thrill and grandeur, and a proud exhibition of ornamental beauty of the scantily dressed female dancers. This is a perfect occasion to show the youthful appeal and attractiveness to the amazed eyes of the dazed spectators. It is a major party time with loud and live music with crazy beats, along with provocative and gyrating dance for having fun, get entertained and have the experience of a life time.

The carnival is the most important social, cultural and economic event in Gualeguaychú’s calendar. Each year it brings a considerable number of foreigners, which in turn boosts up the Country’s economy.

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