How Far You Can Go To Buy An iPhone? Here's 16 Examples
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How Far You Can Go To Buy An iPhone? Here’s 16 Examples

iPhone craze

There are many dazzling smartphones with various specification in the market. But Apple with its own software, unique looks and smart features is ahead of any other brands. The first iPhone came to the market on 29th June, 2007. Since then, whenever the new generation iPhone has come on the market, has left fuss, stayed in headlines. The world is still crazy about the latest version of iPhone, launched on September 7 this year. Apple has already sold about 10 million units of iPhone 6 in the US and 20 million in China. Let me tell you some of the craziness Apple enthusiasts have done to buy an iPhone or any other Apple product.

Built temporary house to buy iPhone

tent outside the apple store
Outside an Apple store in
Sydney, a number of people stood in the line to grab the latest iPhone, 16 days before the launch day. How did they stay there at night? Simple! They pitch temporary tents in the road and stayed in. An advantage? Apple tries to keep the crowd happy by charging mobile phones and providing 24-hour free wifi.

Rent a guy to be the first buyer

rent a guy
Every time
Apple launches a new iPhone, a few million people get into line to get the first model. But when you have money in hand, why should you waste time to be in line for hours? So, each time, consumers spends a few thousand dollars to hire a person to give the line for them. It doesn’t matter the amount that person demands, but he should have the first phone.

Freephone iPhone

name iphone7
Ukrainian resident Alexander Turin had booked iPhone7 in advance.
He got the iPhone 7 free of cost in one electronic company’s promotion offer. He was then so amazed and mesmerized that he changed his name to ‘iPhone Sim’ (‘sim’ means 7 in local language), that costs him only 2 dollars. I wish I could have one free, I can easily change my name as well!

iPhone costs kidney

kidney for iphone
In 2011, a 17 year old boy from China sold his kidney for 22,000 yuan (Rs. 2,17,042.84) to buy an ipad 2. He spent the money on ipad 2, iPhone 4 and also bought a laptop as well.

iPhone over newborn

Before the babies birth, the parents from Shanghai placed advertisements seeking
between 30,000 yuan (Rs. 295907.75) and 50,000 yuan (Rs. 493179.58), for their daughter. After a home birth they handed the child over to her purchaser. The couple bought luxury items with the money. But the first thing they bought was a iPhone 5. Well, they were arrested later for this awesome idea!

Flew 12,000 km to buy the latest iPhone

David Rahimi and his girlfriend Jasmine Juan
ordered the iPhone 6 online in the US as soon as it came on sale on Friday September 12, and requested store pickup – 12,000 kilometers away, in Sydney, Australia. After a 14 hour flight to Sydney, they were first in line to pick up the phones a week later. They are crazy, aren’t they?

Rent my girlfriend

rent my gf
A Chinese student of
Songjiang University encouraged people to rent his girlfriend to buy the iPhone. The incident happened on 2014.

Plan to kill mother for iPhone

kill mother
A 12 year old girl planned to kill her mother two times after she took away her iPhone. Police arrested the girl.
Now, she is on trial in the juvenile court.

Innocence in exchange of iPhone

innosence for iphone
from Guangdong province, posted on Weibo, the offer to exchange to the iPhone its innocence. In the description of this unusual offer she complained that “to have an iPhone 4 — her dream”, but the father refused to buy her favorite apparatus. The girl has posted online a photo and information about themselves, adding that they are ready to sell innocence to anyone who will buy her the coveted smartphone.

iPhone dowry for sister

iphone dowry
In September 2014, a brother in Saudi Arabia asked for iPhone 6 from his sister’s fianc
ée in return for his sister’s hand in marriage. The phone was unavailable at the time, but he said the marriage couldn’t go ahead until he had received the phone.

House from iPhone money

A Chinese woman got a brilliant idea of buying a house. He made 20 boy friends and requested each of them to buy her iphone. She got 20 iPhones and sold them and booked a flat for her family with the money.

Drain pond to get back iPhone

drain pond
16-year-old student from Germany decided to drain the pond after he dropped his iPhone.
At first he wanted to buy a diving suit, but, not having received it, decided to go for drastic measures. The boy then armed himself with pumps and two hoses.

Unfortunately, the toilet of the angling club into which the boy intended to drain the water was not connected to the sewage system, and he instead succeeded only in flooding the nearby parking lot. The owner of the parking lot called the police, who dashed his hopes of retrieving the phone. The boy, who had to pay for the damage to the toilet, the parking lot, and the pond, was nevertheless unrepentant, insisting, “It almost worked.”

Rain can’t stop getting iPhone

18 hours
30 year old, Attapon ‘Tom’ Thaphaengphan, flew from Bangkok to Sydney, Australia (costs him $800) to receive the iPhone he ordered. He sat in rain for 18 hours to get the iPhone 7 plus. He then spent a cold and wet night outside holding down his spot, dressed in just a hoodie and dark jacket, remarking to his friends back home that he should have brought more than two layers.

Cesspool dive for iPhone

A woman from China dropped her iPhone in a cesspool, and her husband
dive into the hole to get the telephone, however, immediately lost consciousness. To help the man immediately rushed his mother, deprived of his senses after the dive. Then in the septic tank ducked and the heroine of rescue operations, as well as her father and two neighbors. When it became clear that self back out will not work, the villagers with ropes pulled all out. Nevertheless the girl’s husband and his mother died before the ambulance, and the phone is likely to get failed.

Sale sperm and buy iPhone


In 2015, a sperm bank in China gave an advertisements which says, you can buy an iPhone if you donate your sperm. They said, the money (3500 yuan) they give to the sperm donors, will be increased to 5000 yuan which is about Rs. 50,000. Anyone can buy iPhone with these much money. But there was warning as well, “Not kidney, we take sperm here.”

Surgery to type easily on a touch phone

A resident of Denver Thomas Martel went to complex surgery on the finger to make it easier to type on a touch screen phone and press the Home button. Because Thomas was suffering from excess weight, he often failed to get the required symbols on the screen and to actively correspond with friends.

Well now, you decide, how far you want to go to grab the phone, like the above or unlike them, something more crazy than these?

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