Female Mogli Was Rescued From The Forest!
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Female Mogli Was Rescued From The Forest!


Everybody knows the story of Mowgli and Tarzan. Both were brought up by forest animals. The story’s fantasy became reality.

Police rescued 8-year-old girl from a bunch of monkeys. The incident took place at Baharaice. The girl’s behavior is not like the normal human but she behaves like the way animal behaves.

Sources said that two months ago, Sub-Inspector Suresh Yadav was patrolling Katarnighat sanctuary of Motipur. At that time, the eight-year-old girl was playing with monkeys. The girl was not wearing any clothes. When the sub-inspector tried to rescue the girl the monkeys attacked him. After many attempts, police personnel rescued the girl and she was admitted to the district hospital.

She did not understand any language and cannot speak. She becomes scared when she sees a human. She scratches the doctors who get close for treatment.

The girl is responding slowly to treatment. She hasn’t still learnt how to eat with hand. Doctors are teaching her to walk. The girl used to walk like animals all these time.

But sadly, however, no one have accepted to adopt her. Even Child Line doesn’t want to keep the child with them.

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