'Afghan Girl' Of Nat Geo To Be Deported From Pakistan
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Finally She Is Going to Her Home: ‘Afghan Girl’ Of Nat Geo To Be Deported From Pakistan

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The ‘Afghan Girl’ or Sharbat Gula who was arrested for using fake ID cards will be deported from Pakistan. Pakistani authorities arrested her in October, following a crackdown over forged Computerized National ID cards.

Gula is now hospitalized in Peshawar for her Hepatitis C treatment.

Prosecutor Mohsin Dawar said on Friday that she will face deportation after five days when her 15 day jail term will be over. He also stated that the court fined her a sum of 110,000 rupees.

The prosecutor said the judge Farah Jamsheed, handed down the punishment after Gula pleaded guilty to the charges against her before the court.

Earlier, she denied the charges against her.

The Afghan consul general in Peshawar, Naseem Kakad said in a statement, “We respect the rule of law and we have paid the fine. We will take her with great respect to Afghanistan on Monday.”

Pakistan foreign ministry said on Thursday that she was hospitalized after fallen ill while in custody. Dawar confirmed she is at Peshawar’s Lady Reading Hospital and likely to stay in the hospital until her deportation.

In an interview with CNN at the hospital, she said that she wants to return to Afghanistan where she has not been back for 13 years. Talking about her children she said her children are in the care of the Afghan consulate. “I (am) feeling better and (my) children are in the care of the Afghan consulate, and they will come visit me soon. I don’t want to go anywhere but Afghanistan.”

Gula is a widow and has remained two children. She got fame after the photographer Steve Mc Curry captured her haunting image in 1984. In 1985 her photo was featured on the cover of National Geographic magazine.

Her nephew also told the CNN, “She is very innocent. She never understood her fame, or the reason for it, which is why hasn’t capitalized on it. Otherwise, she would not be in situations like this.”

The photographer Mc Curry on Friday expressing his joy that she would be coming home.

He said, “She soon will also be free from an uncertain life of a refugee as she will be on her way back to her own country as soon as next Monday where she still is a beloved image and a national icon. She will be met by President Ashraf Ghani upon her arrival to welcome her back home and help her with her resettlement.”

Mc Curry said he will give her keys to a new home after she will arrive.

Reaction of her deportation is mixed, as some expressing joy that the icon finally can go back to her home, some criticized it saying she got a lighter sentence because she is well known.

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