Fire At 3 Places In Kolkata In Diwali, 720 People Arrested So Far
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Fire At 3 Places In Kolkata In Diwali, 720 People Arrested So Far


Fire broke out in three different places in Kolkata at Diwali night. On Sunday at around 10 pm, third floor of a multi-storied building at Maniktala APC road caught fire. After some time, fire broke out at a multi-storied building in Deckers lane. In addition to, a fire broke out at a office in Rabindra Sarani.

Fire brigade said that five engines were sent to the Rabindra Sarani office. Fire came under control at 2.45 am.

There is no report of death or injury in those fire.

The fire spread quickly in Deckers Lane due to the fiber sheet on the roof, though, fire came under control in fire brigade’s efforts.

There have been casualties in the fire at Rabindra Sarani. Computers, a variety of machines and documents were burned.

The cause of the three fires were not yet known. Firefighters are looking into the matter.

On the other hand, noise of the fire crackers was under control till Saturday night but it passed the its control limit at Sunday. At the Kalipuja night, in cooperation with the administration and the general public, noise from the crackers could not cross the tolerance level. But on Sunday the image was different. Or should I say, sound was different?

So far, police have arrested 720 people on charges of cracking sound crackers. In addition, 383 people have been arrested for violation. More than 80 complaints have been submitted.

Over the past two weeks, police have carried out constant raids against the sound crackers. In Administrative level, about ten days before the publicity and awareness work had begun. But still these noise from the crackers proved that weren’t as successful as they claimed.

Most of the complains of sound-crackers came from Dumdum, Banur, Lake town, Barasat. More or less complains were made from entire Kolkata.

Residents of Baguihati, Howrah, Behala, Jadavpur, Chitpur alleged that the violence and noise from the crackers continues overnight.

Besides, this year a lot of sky lantern has seen flying in skies of Kolkata. Sellers have said that buyers this time were preferred to buy sky lanterns than other fireworks. This year, many local lanterns were also sold.

But after the high level of alert, how the sellers managed to bring the sound-crackers in town, this is a big question for the people!

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