13 Youngsters Died During A Birthday Party In France
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Fire In France: 13 Youngsters Died During A Party In A Bar

fire in france

A fire killed at least 13 youths in a bar during a birthday party in Rouen, France early Saturday. The sufferers were among ages 18 and 25.

It seems that the fire started in late midnight at Cuba Libre bar, after candles on the cake were lit at the height of the birthday celebrations, with the fire spreading into the ceiling. 6 people were injured and sent for treatment to the University Hospital of Rouen.

Police and fire fighter units were called in local time at 12:50am when the flame broke out in the basement of the bar. 50 firefighters battled the fire and took 30 minutes to extinguish the blaze and completed the rescue operation by 3:00 am.

According to the Police Department of Rouen, it was just an accident. Local deputy prosecutor, Lawrence Labadie, emphasize that there was no explosion that generated the fire. Local people who reported an explosion heard glass shattering due to the heat caused by fire.

The traffic in the area has been closed for the time being. A police perimeter set up around the Bar. Fire trucks and quite a few police vehicles swarmed around the bar on Avenue Jacques Cartier.

France has been on high alert following a rash of fatal terror attacks. Two jihadist attackers killed a priest in Rouen, about two weeks ago.

On July 14, during Bastille Day celebration, a man who pledge allegiance to ISIS plowed through throngs gathered to watch fireworks in Nice, killing at least 85.

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