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First Time In Eastern India-Kolkata Comic Carnival

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Day– Friday August 19 to Sunday August 21 at 3.00 pm

Venue– IIEST Shibpur, P.O.Botanic Garden, Shalimar, Howrah, West Bengal 711103, Howrah, India

Kolkata Comic Carnival (KCC) is the largest convention for manga, comic, anime and related TV and movie lovers started by a number of comic and manga devotees who wanted to bring the magical world of cartoons closer to the City of Joy. So get ready to dress up as your favorite character, meet the artists of your favorite comics and see the superstars of the comic world!

It is a first of its kind event in Kolkata, rather Eastern India.

Events and Details:

The carnival is spread over three days.



Guest speech: Watch the stars and artists speak their minds. Join to listen to their words of wisdom and experience in the industry.

Trailers: Watch the trailers of new and upcoming movies!

Panel discussion, Surprise performance, Comic exhibition, Super Stunts, Musical performance


Cosplay: Cosplay (or costume-role play) has been around for more than two decades now. It is fast turned from a hobby to a way of life for a lot of people who have devoted their lives to professional Cosplaying. Originally associated with anime, Cosplay now includes just about anything from the world of pop-culture – characters from books, films, manga, TV shows, you name it.


The objective is simple, turn yourself into the most accurate version of the character you’re Cosplaying. Dress up, make your own props, do the necessary make-up and you’re set! Attention to minute detailing is highly appreciated and bonus points if you manage to stay in character throughout.

There are no rules to follow. You could become a male or female or otherkin or not a human being at all (C3POs and Daleks welcome). Buying props is not necessary, creating them out of household items will do. Besides, the main aim is to get creative with your ideas and bond with like-minded people at the convention. Who knows, you might find a bunch of people who absolutely l-o-v-e that obscure thing as much as you do!

Scavenger Hunt: Scavenger Hunt is believed to be brought to the world by a gossip columnist Elsa Maxwell in the early 1930s. Since then, it has become a crazy tradition that people enjoy. The objective of the game is to reach the goal before others participating in the event. There would be clues and hints to guide you throughout the event towards your goal. You have to solve the questions and riddles as fast as you can and get to the next clue, present somewhere in the campus. There are additional points for proper solution to the problems and the time in which you solve a problem.

scavenger hunt

The questions in the event would consist of trivia from Manga, Comics, Movies, Fiction-Fantasy genre books and popular TV shows that we watch. Just gather your knowledge on your favorite heroes from the fiction world and dive into the competition. You can have at most 4 people in a team. Each team would be assigned a specific slot and the starting point of the event will be told to you. You would be guided by one of the volunteers and you can share with them any problem you encounter. If you are stuck in a question or clue, you can always ask the volunteer for a hint to the solution, in return of a penalty to your overall score. You would be forbidden from using the internet or any kind of document.

anime creation

Comic/Manga creation workshop: The established artists show you the language of comics. Learn how to convert your thoughts and ideas to paper and convert them into comics! There will also be a contest after the workshop.

Skype conference: Watch the various people in the industry tell you over Skype what it is like to be in their shoes!

Panel discussion, Band performance



Guest Interaction Session , Gaming, Panel Discussion,Skype Conference, Stand up Comedy, Exclusive Interaction, DJ

Ticket price:

250-Day1 August  19 Friday
300-Day2 August 20 Saturday
300- Day3 August 21 Sunday
650- 3 days Super Pass


If you want to book a stall for showcasing your talents, exhibiting your graphic novels, selling merchandise or even food, you can contact with them. The rates for the stalls are as follows:
Artist’s Table – ₹ 5,000
2m x 2m Stall – ₹ 8,000
2m x 3m Stall – ₹ 10,000
3m x 3m Stall – ₹ 12,000

Visit for booking: http://kolkatacomiccarnival.com/pricing/
Contact No. (+91) 8017121830
email id: saptashwab@kolkatacomiccarnival.com

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