First Time In India: Innovative Meeting In Kovalam Sea Floor!
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First Time In India: Innovative Meeting In Kovalam Sea Floor


Not in a five-star hotel, but this innovative meeting took place in the sea floor. CEO of 5 companies took part in this meeting. The meeting held in Kovalam sea-beach area.

The preparation was going on for a long time. This kind of discussion took place in the Maldives before. But this is the first time in India. CEO of the 5 companies had already given training. They jumped into the water after going 50 meters from beach groove. They were dressed as divers.

Love the sea, sea creatures, and plants, beaches, the meeting was arranged to give this message. Separate tables were brought down in the sea before. Special arrangements were made to hear each other. Some have even been seen to write.

Shyam P. Thampi from TCS, Rajgopal Iyer from Uday Group of Hotels, Hema Menon from UST Global, Shyam Kumar from Neolgix, and Avon Mobility Solutions Ronnie Thomas took part in the meeting. Everyone was quite thrilled.

Hema Menon said, “This meeting was very different from others. The implication is different. I am very happy to be a part of this historical event.”

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