First Time In India! Taxi Services For Pets In Mumbai
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First Time In India! Taxi Services For Pets In Mumbai


Taxi services for pets in Mumbai! The name of the taxi is ‘pet taxi’. The service was started by Laxmi Agarwal, the animal rescuer in Mumbai. She said that autos or taxis do not want to take pets if you want to take them somewhere. She thought of taking this initiative from that thought.

Lakshmi has her own tourist taxi service. He also felt the necessity for the pet to have a car. Earlier this year, she started this service for pets. There are currently two taxis for pets.

Laxmi Agarwal said, “I want to start this service everywhere in Mumbai. There are pet taxi services in Navi Mumbai and Thane.”

The pet taxi service has to be booked before 24 hours. The rent of the taxi is 25 rupees per kilometer. They can be booked online as well. Lakshmi said that the pet taxi service is available outside the city. A few days ago, this service was booked from Pune.

In many cases, autos and taxis don’t want to take passengers just because they have pets with them. This leads to increase harassment of passengers. But after the introduction of the pet taxi service, many people are taking this service and a good response is received from all, said Pete-taxi entrepreneur Lakshmi Agarwal.

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