'Fresh Ideas' May Bring By Donald Trump To Combat Terrorism, Says BJP Leader Ram Madhav
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‘Fresh Ideas’ May Bring By Donald Trump To Combat Terrorism, Says BJP Leader Ram Madhav


A senior BJP leader Ram Madhav said that US President-elect Donald Trump seems to have a friendly perspective towards India, and also expressed hope that he would bring ‘fresh ideas’ to combat terrorism and establish the rule of law.

The general secretary of the ruling party was speaking at an event organized by the Federation of India and Indian Diaspora Studies.

Compiling the current state of US-Indo relationship, Madhav said the ties reached a new peak under President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The relation is likely to go ahead under the Trump administration.

“Going by his pre-election statements towards India, the president-elect seems to have a friendly perspective,” Madhav said. “He does not seem to be a run-of-the-mill politician, hence we expect him to bring fresh ideas to counter-terrorism, and establish the rule of law,” he said.

Madhav is the first senior leader of BJP to have addressed on India-US relationship after the election of Trump as the 45th president of the United States.

During his election campaign, Trump released a video, in which he spoke in Hindi, in an attempt to appeal to Indian-American voters.

With a picture of 8th November’s terror attack in Mumbai, he said, “We will defeat radical Islamic terrorism.”


He had said that the US and India will have a phenomenal future together. “The Indian and Hindu community will have a true friend in the White House,” Trump had said.

“India is key and a key strategic ally,” he had said, adding that he looks forward to deepening and strengthening military cooperation with the country.

The video finished with Trump saying, “We love the Hindus, we love India.”

Madhav said that India has earned enormous trust from its neighbors in the significantly important Indo-Asia Pacific region.

In the event, he said India assumes the responsibilities, along with its neighbors, to establish peace and ‘law and order’ in the region. But, he said, India expects US to continue its pivotal role in the region instead of slowing trade and military engagement in the region.

He said in the event on Friday in the suburbs of Washington DC, “The regional powers will have to take a leading role with America playing a supportive role. That is perhaps the way forward.”

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