Give Ice-cream As Your Kid’s Breakfast To Make Them Intelligent!
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Give Ice-cream As Your Kid’s Breakfast To Make Them Intelligent!


Who doesn’t love ice-cream! And when it comes to the children, ice-cream is among their favorite ones. If they hear that you’ve ice-cream in the desert, their hunger increases.

But have you ever thought of offering ice-cream to your children on their breakfast? Afraid of cold, you may not give them. But, according to a new study, ice-cream is very beneficial for kids as the first meal of the day.

Yoshihiko Koga, a professor at Japan’s Kiyorine University reports on his research that eating ice cream after waking up increases alertness among children that does a positive impact on their performance.

The research was published on Japan’s Exite news website.


The study was conducted on two groups of participants. One group was given to have ice-cream and the other group wasn’t.

As a result, the research showed that the children, who regularly ate ice cream for breakfast, are more able to analyze data than the others who didn’t eat ice-cream. They are more aware of issues and spontaneous about feedback.

Then after examining the brain performance, he noticed that the frequency of brain’s alpha waves has been increased as a result of eating ice-cream. That made them more aware, and reduced mental instability.

Thereafter, the group which had been given ice-cream after waking up, was offered to drink cold water instead of ice-cream. But at the second time, researchers have not noticed any significant change in the brain performance.

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