Global Gender Gap Report: India Ranks 142 In Health Out Of 144 Countries
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Global Gender Gap Report 2016: India Ranks 142 In Health Out Of 144 Countries

global gender gap report 2016

India is one of the worst places in the world in gender disparity, especially in health, education and economy. This proved once again in the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2016.

The international body conducted survey between genders in 144 countries. India ranked 142 on the “health and survival” parameter in the survey. The report measured gender inequality in four pillars: education, health, economy and political participation.

The country ranked 136 on the economic participation and ranked 113th on educational attainment. Only in political participation, India got the 9th position.

India ranked 87th on the international body’s list. Iceland has topped the global list. India closed its gap by 2 percent and in a year the gap now stands at 68 percent across the WEF’s four pillars.

WEF stated India improved in education where the country has managed to close the gap in primary and secondary education. But in the economic sphere, India has to improve its position. In economic pillar “much work remains to be done”.

The leading four nations in the global chart: Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The fifth state is Rwanda following the Philippines. The eighth and ninth nations are Slovenia and New Zealand. This year Switzerland dropped from the top 10 list. The 10th nation is Nicaragua. The UK ranked 20th and the US is in 73rd position.

According to the report, “Slowdown partly down (due) to chronic imbalances in salaries and labor force participation, despite the fact that, in 95 countries, women attend university in equal or higher numbers than men.”

Over the past four years, the gender gap in income and employment has widened and now it stands at 59 percent.

According to WEF, “Behind this decline are a number of factors. One is salary, with women around the world on average earning just over half of what men earn despite, on average, working longer hours taking paid and unpaid work into account.”

The gender imbalance is also a high challenge with the global average for women at 54 percent where the percentage for men is 81 percent. The number of women in the senior position is also low.

The report said that the average pay gap for women is nearly half as compared to men. In many organizations women are less likely to be offered senior roles. Only in four countries in the world there are equal numbers of women and men senior officers, legislators and managers.

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