Goa To Be India's First Cashless Society: Manohar Parrikar
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Goa To Be India’s First Cashless Society: Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar

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Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar on Friday said that Goa is on its way to becoming India’s first cashless society. If this would happen then this will fulfill Narendra Modi’s dream who through his demonetization move is pushing for a cashless society.

The former Chief Minister of Goa said this move is also helping to curb black money. Parrikar said, “Goans are using cards (ATM/credit) in a big way. Goa will soon be the first state with cashless society fulfilling a dream of the Prime Minister.”

Parrikar was addressing at the BJP’s Vijay Sankulp rally at Sankhalim village.

He said PM Modi’s this move not only struck hard on black money but also on fake currency, terror fundings and drugs money.

A Cashless society is where purchases of goods and services are made by credit or debit card or electronic funds transferral rather than cash or cheques.

He continued everybody should support the PM in his decision. “The Prime Minister has insisted on moving towards a cashless society. Goa will be the first State to achieve this goal.”

“Goa has shown the way in the past when the State Government started disbursing payment under Dayanand Social Security Scheme (a pension plan) through electronic mode directly into the bank accounts of beneficiaries.”

He added now no other State Government’s payment has done through cheques, all the payments are through electronic transfers.

Parrikar said about an app called United Payments Interface (UPI) which can turn a smartphone into a bank. He further said the state government will organize a camp to educate the people about this app. “We will also train BJP workers who will educate masses about this facility. This will allow people to move around without carrying cash.”

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