Godwoman And Her Associates' Shooting Spree Killed Groom's Aunt At Wedding Ceremony
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Godwoman And Her Associates’ Shooting Spree Killed Groom’s Aunt At Wedding Ceremony

sadhvi deva thakur

A merry moment turned into a mourning moment in a wedding ceremony after celebratory firing killed one woman and injured four others. A self-styled godwoman and her private associates went on a shooting spree during a wedding function in Chandigarh’s Karnal town.

The godwoman identified as Sadhvi Deva Thakur. Her securitymen started the shooting spree with their weapons while firing several rounds. Reports said that the victim, Sunita Rani was the groom’s aunt who had come to attend the ceremony.

Police informed the injured were taken to the nearby hospital for treatment. The injured Vinod, Amarjit Singh, Anil and 11-year old Manasvi were in critical condition.

The incident occurred at Savitrii Lawns marriage palace near the railway station in Karnal on Tuesday.

Witnesses said Sadhvi Deva attended one of her followers Vikrant Singh’s wedding ceremony and all of them was carrying arms. They fired several rounds in the air which hit people sitting in front of the stage.

The manager of the venue, Sumit Bhatia said “As soon as the firing started, we called the police as this is not allowed. In the meantime, the pistol of one of them got stuck. While rectifying it, a shot was fired causing injuries to those present.”

Police booked Thakur and her securitymen for murder under Section 302 and other sections of the Indian Penal Code and the Arms Act.

As soon as the news spread Sadhvi and her securitymen fled from the spot. Police said that investigations were in progress and raids were being conducted to arrest the accused.

SP Pankaj Nain alleged that they were carrying various kinds of weapons. “Investigations suggested one of the associates was carrying a .12 bore gun which developed some snag. While fixing the fault, the person had kept the fingers on the trigger and the gun went off as he closed the chamber. The pellets hit Sunita and others.”

Sadhvi Deva Thakur who likes to pose with guns was in controversy more than once. Last year, she commented that Muslims and Christians should undergo sterilization to control their growing population. On the other hand, she asked Hindus to have more children to grow their population. She also made a statement that idols of Hindu gods and goddesses should be placed in Churches and Mosques.

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