Grandfather Marries His Granddaughter! Isn’t That Odd?
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Grandfather Marries His Granddaughter! Isn’t That Odd?


They got married just before 3 months. The groom is 68 years old and the bride is a 24 years old girl. No! This is not the end. The relation between them is not only of husband-wife but they are grandfather-granddaughter too. Don’t be shocked! This happened! But they didn’t know about their ‘grand’ relationship 3 months ago. When they were watching an old album, they came to know about this ‘secret’. The young women recognize her new husband with her father in the picture. Then the whole thing comes to public. The elderly resident of golden beach, Miami, Florida married his x-wife’s son’s daughter by a mistake. He said that his first wife left his house with their children many years ago. He tried to search them but he couldn’t. Then he decided to get married a second time. But a few years later, the marriage broke down. He won a few million in lottery. Then decided to marry another time in 2015, and married her. But when they both met before marriage, they didn’t recognize each other. They are shocked after knowing this but they are still living together.

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