Gufa Gang Arrested In Delhi; Robbers Used A Unique Place, A Cave To Hide
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Gufa Gang Arrested In Delhi; Robbers Used A Unique Place, A Cave To Hide

gufa gang

South Delhi police have arrested a gang of six robbers, the “Gufa gang” on Thursday evening. They were detained from south Delhi’s Moti Nagar.

They found a unique place for hiding…a cave. Police have found the gang resting in the cave. The thieves were identified as Virender alias Gadwali (30), Bablu alias Rajasthani (26), Santosh Gupta alias Ghoda (32), Kunal alias Kuldeep (24), Raju (25) and Anand Kant alias Anu (26). The leader of the gang was Virender who is from Uttarakhand.

A police team from the AATS South District led by inspector Richhpal Singh raided the cave and arrested the burglars. The arrest solved at least 16 burglaries and thefts which were committed over the last few months.

The police said the gang is drug addict and found the cave one year ago. It is located behind Smriti Vatika Park near the railway line between Chanakyapuri and Sarojini Nagar stations.

A senior police officer told, “They found the cave while scanning the forest along the railway line for a place where they could consume drugs. They treated the cave as a hideout for the items they stole too.”

The officer added, “It’s difficult to spot the cave because it has a fairly small opening and is a little elevated.”

He said that the informers got the news about the cave and then the police laid a trap to arrest the gang members.

According to the police, the gang was very aware while looting the houses. They also used gloves to make sure that no fingerprints were left behind. The robbers also had informers. They would meet with the sex workers who worked as informers for them and informed the robbers about the possible targets.

The officer asserted, “They would beat up those men and steal valuables from them. But, such cases went unreported because the victims were worried about their public image.”

Police informed that the cave has two entry-exit points. In one entry point, people can enter only if they are on their knees and one has to crawl for a few metres through another entry point.

Police said, “Once inside, it is like a room. They used to stay there during days and come out only at night. They used the torches on their mobile phones to illuminate the cave.”

They have recovered 10 mobile phones, diamond and gold jewellery worth Rs 2 lakh, Rs 50,000, two laptops, 13 imported wrist watches, one Nikon digital camera, two motorcycles and a scooty.

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