Harry Houdini and Bobby
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Harry Houdini and Bobby

The name Harry Houdini is written in golden letters in the history of magic for his enumerable daring outdoor stunts and enriched magical performances. But how many remembers wondrous magical performances by Houdini’s trained dog Bobby (trained by Houdini himself)?

Well bobby, was trained by Houdini to escape from ropes, handcuffs(miniature size), straight jackets and also used to perform card tricks, and then suddenly he used to make very high sommer sault while performing escape magic!! And not only that, Bobby was a regular ball-player, as he used to play in the nearby field with little boys of Houdini’s locality.

Incidentally once Bobby performed his magical features at the Annual Dinner of the Society of American Magician as a ‘Special Artist’.

Bobby died Sunday, December 15th 1918, Houdini died in 1926 (only at the age of 52). On his grave, the STONE read out a message which tells everybody, ‘there lies me who who could seem Master’s look…’ (source Houdini on Magic).

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