Harry Houdini Failed 'To Escape'
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Harry Houdini Failed ‘To Escape’

Sir Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini, the greatest Escape Artist ever born, was travelling by car with his very close friend, talented amature magician, magical creator, W. B. Gibson (who later on wrote the classic book, ‘Houdini on Magic’ along with Morris N. Young). Houdini was going on telling about many escape challenges he has successfully faced all over Europe, including escaping from the hardest handcufft of the police department in Zar’s Russia.

After reaching the destination, Houdini went to open the door of the car on his side, but found no handle to open it! He looked baffled; Mr. Gibson smiled, understood that Houdini hadn’t travelled before by such latest model car. Then he pressed a knob fixed on the door, partly hidden by the edge of the front seat and the car door slide opened, Houdini looked thoroughly FOOLED, then with a foolish smile opined, ‘Truly, what sorts of cars are coming out now a days. You do not know how to get in or get out from these cars!’… Mr. Gibson later on wrote in his book (Life story of Harry Houdini), ‘The Greatest Escape Artist failed to come out of a motor car, who in the past had freed himself from the hardest police handcuff in Zar’s Russia!’…

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