Hasina Promises To Stand By India Against Terrorism
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Hasina Promises To Stand By India Against Terrorism


She wouldn’t allow any foreign separatists to use her country land. Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina told visiting Indian Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar. She also promised to deal strongly with terrorism. Hasina assured that Bangladesh will be stand by India’s side to confront terrorism. Referring to the success of the deal with poverty and the empowerment of women, Parrikar appreciated Hasina government.

After the independence of Bangladesh this is for the first time an Indian defense minister visited the country. Parrikar arrived in Dhaka on Wednesday. He went to PM Hasina’s house on Thursday evening. They talked about 30 minutes. Parrikar greeted Hasina on behalf of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Parrikar said, “Sheikh Hasina’s visit to India is waiting for Narendra Modi.”

Parrikar handed over 1971 war Indian helicopter memorial and some rare photos of Bangladesh taken by kiosks to Hasina. It was one of the important helicopter of the three helicopters that ‘Kilo Flight’ was formed with the help of Indian Air Force. It was used in 1971 at Dimapur. This was the first fighter helicopter of Bangladesh Air Force during the war. The memento was brought to Dhaka two days ago in Indian Air Force IL 76. The memento will be kept on Agargaon War Memorial Museum.

Hasina has Bangladesh’s Ministry of Defense. She said, “Bangladesh has blood relation with the Indian army. We can’t forget their role in Bangladesh’s struggle for freedom.” Parrikar, “From the moral responsibility, India stood by the people of Bangladesh against Pakistan for the war of independence.” Understanding between the two country’s security force will increase after the signing of a cooperation agreement, he added.

This agreement is expected to be in next month while Hasina’s visit in Delhi. Parrikar went to Dhaka with three deputy chief, chief of Coast Guard and officials to talk about the final detail of the agreement. The new defense cooperation agreement contains supply of military equipment, technology transfer, training and joint exercises.

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