Headmaster Arrested For Stealing Mid-Day Meal Money
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Headmaster Arrested For Stealing Mid-Day Meal Money


Nearly 19 million fund embezzlement! Headmaster of Bharatiya Hindi High School was arrested after he was accused of stealing the mid-day meal money. Durgapore police arrested Dharmendra Prasad last night from his home at Subhaspally.

There has been complain of Defalcation since the last 7 years from this ward no 19, Gurudwara road Hindi school, against Dharmendra Prasad. He did not let the municipality audit team to calculate for last 3-4 years.

Municipal Corporation Commissioner kasturi Sengupta said there’s a huge imbalance in the school development fund. There’s no calculation in mid-day meal money. 25 quintals of rice and 20 sacks of potatoes have been disappeared. The headmaster would not co operate with the audit officials. So Durgapur municipality complained to Durgapur police station last week in relevant to the complaint of school management committee. Over the years, audit report haven’t made in this school. Chaotic situation in school education, development and the Mid-Day meal!

He was taken to Durgapur subdivision court on Thursday. The court ordered to take him to jail custody for 7 days.

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