‘Hello’ To Aliens: METI Is Ready To Send Welcome Message To The Aliens
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‘Hello’ To Aliens: METI Is Ready To Send Welcome Message To The Aliens


Do aliens really exist beyond our solar system? Perhaps yes. The universe is so vast that there might be a possibility of their existence. Some believe aliens are more intelligent than humans, some believe aliens can be destructive for human beings.

A group of scientists planned to send the message in space to aliens.

A San Francisco-based non-profit organisation METI (Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence) International revealed that it will send ‘Hello’ signals in 2018 so that any aliens present in the space can hear the message, get the location and come to earth to share their knowledge.

The president of METI, Douglas Vakoch said, “If we want to start an exchange over the course of many generations, we want to learn and share information.” He maintained, “It’s too late to conceal ourselves in the universe, so we should decide how we want to represent ourselves. Extraterrestrials may be waiting for a clear indication from us that we’re ready to start talking.”

Reports said the organisation is planning to start sending complex signals by the end of 2018. The president stated that in past scientists have sent signals in space several times. In 1974, Arecibo radio telescope sent signals but did not get any positive response.

The Arecibo observatory in Puerto Rico will be open to METI to send alien friendly frequencies into space.

The Arecibo observatory in Puerto Rico
The Arecibo observatory in Puerto Rico
How they plan to send the signals

METI scientists will send more complex signals which will reveal the information of our solar system, life on earth and human beings. The scientists will encode the information in binary which aliens can decode it and read it to find us.

They will work by using basic scientifically and mathematical concepts. The message could be understood by other living things in the universe.

They will build or borrow a powerful transmitter that can send a message to space. They are trying to collect $1 million for this.

Contradictions of the theory

Many said that we should not contact aliens as they might be dangerous for us. They can kill us for the sake of getting energy. So we should not invite destruction by sending signals to them.

Some said aliens are superior and intelligent than humans and the collision of two civilisations always lead to destruction. Even, Professor Stephen Hawking said we should stop sending signals to aliens. He warned that an alien civilisation which is efficient enough in receiving and answering signals, there is a possibility they can be billions of year more developed than humans on earth.

Another contradiction said possibility of aliens understanding the signals is less, so we should not waste our money and time in these things.

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