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McLeod House Kolkata

Apart from the English, India had a strong business relationship with the people of Scotland during the pre-independence period. In fact, many British commercial companies and banks in Calcutta were either founded by or run by the Scotsmen. Examples in support of the matter can be cited without a second thought. Famous names in the list include, among others – Mackintosh & Burn, Mackinnon, Mackenzie & Co; Balmer, Lawrie & Co, Gillanders, Arbuthnot & Co, James Finlay & Co, Andrew Yule & Co, MacLeod, Russell & Co., and Shaw, Wallace & Co.

Established in 1917, McLeod House was the headquarters of another Scottish-run company in Calcutta, McLeod & Co, founded in 1887. It was one of the largest merchants and agents in the city at the beginning of the twentieth century. They were merchants and agents, interested in tea, coal, rubber, steamer services, indigo and light railways.

McLeod House Kolkata front

McLeod House Kolkata front gate

McLeod House is situated on the west side of the Tank Square (Dalhousie Square, now known as BBD Bag), at the crossing of Council House Street and Hare Street and next to the magnificent building of Royal Insurance Building. Though the building is not as extensively ornamented as some of the other buildings in the locality, it proudly exhibits its series of ornamented columns, which support the roof. However, the columns are devoid of any ornamented pediment. The building is neither enriched with any tower, nor beautified with a dome on its crest. It is not even ornamented with any intricate designs on its walls or facade.

Finally, it can be safely added that, the dignified building named McLeod House in Calcutta, is a well maintained edifice even today, after a century of its initiation and as in the past, it still continues to be used as an office premises.

Location of McLeod House

Location McLeod House

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