HERITAGE CLUBS OF CALCUTTA - The Calcutta Cricket & Football Club
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HERITAGE CLUBS OF CALCUTTA – The Calcutta Cricket & Football Club

CC&FC - Pavillion

The Calcutta Cricket and Football Club, popularly known as CC&FC, is a cricket and association football club, located at 19/1 Gurusaday Road, in Bullygunge area. Apart from Football and Cricket, it is also associated with other sporting events like Rugby, Hockey, Swimming and Tennis.

Originally the Club was founded as the ‘Calcutta Cricket Club Clippers’ by the British, who had come over with the British East India Company. It is known to have been in existence by 1792. In fact, the club is a collective association of the Calcutta Cricket Club of 1792 vintage, Ballygunge Cricket Club (1864-1950) and the Calcutta Football Club (1872-1877).

CC&FC - Estd. Year
CC&FC – Estd. Year
CC&FC - Old Picture
CC&FC – Old Picture

The revived Calcutta Football Club was set up in 1884. It is important to remember that today they are not separate clubs, but are very much a part and parcel of the great and historic institution popularly known today as CC&FC. Run by the British, Calcutta Football Club was once one of the dominant  football teams and had a great competitive rivalry specially with Mohun Bagan, Mohammedan Sporting, Aryan, Dalhousie etc. They won the Calcutta Football League eight times and the prestigious IFA Shield on nine occasions. They were allotted a permanent ground on the Maidan, on the eastern end of Eden Gardens and were permitted to build a pavilion for the use of the players. But after the Independence of India, the British left for their Country and most of the families belonging to the Anglo-Indian community migrated to England or Australia. As a result the Football team became weak and they were relegated in 1950. The number of the members was also decreasing alarmingly. At last, on 14th May, 1963 CFC partially gave up its exclusive rights on the Maidan tent and the ground in favour of Mohun Bagan Club and like Calcutta Cricket Club shifted to Ballygunge. Finally, in 1965, it merged with the Calcutta Cricket Club. and the Calcutta Cricket and Football Club came into being.

Today, apart from sports activities, the club also hosts club nights, dances, dinner-dances,  theater and other social gatherings for the delight among the members.

CC&FC - The Ground
CC&FC – The Ground
CC&FC - Tennis Court
CC&FC – Tennis Court
CC&FC - Swimming Pool
CC&FC – Swimming Pool
CC&FC - Swimming Pool
CC&FC – Swimming Pool
CC&FC - Bar
CC&FC – Bar
CC&FC - Main Bar
CC&FC – Main Bar
CC&FC - Upstairs Bar
CC&FC – Upstairs Bar
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