Hizbul Mujahideen Chief Threatens J&K Cops In A Video
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Hizbul Mujahideen Chief Threatens J&K Cops In A Video, Not To Harass Militant Families

Zakir Bhat

Zakir Rashid Bhat Musa, the new Hizbul Mujahideen chief has released a new video in which he has threatened the Jammu & Kashmir police not to harass the families of the militants, otherwise they will not spare their families too. He said they have a list of police informers.

In the one-minute and 25-second video which was circulated on social media, he said, “You (cops) are committing a big mistake by harassing our families, by involving our families.” He added that the fight is between them but the J&K cops are involving their families.

In an another video, it showed the Mujahideen chief was opening some files on his laptop titled “list of helpful persons/ informers with police station”. He said, “The informers need not be too happy. They should know they are working for the police, and police give their names to us in exchange for money.”

He stated they forgave the cops now, “thinking this is your first and last mistake”.

Holding a machine gun in the video, he continued the militants and the cops both have families, but if the cops will further touch their families they will not spare them. “You think your families are in Jammu so they are safe. Even if your families are in Kanyakumari, we have the capacity to kill them there.”

“Next time before attacking our families think a thousand times. And if you still do it, you will find the bodies of policemen in every lane and bylane of Kashmir.”

He further threatened they will not spare the families of cops from IGP to a peon, in case again their families were targeted and harassed.

Bhat was an engineering student in Chandigarh. Four years ago, he became a militant when he had come home for vacation. His father is an engineer, his brother is a doctor and his sister is a bank official. Earlier, he has been seen many times in the videos alongside Burhan Wani. After the killing of Wani, he then also released a video.

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