Humanity Wins Over Religion; Kashmiris Prove That
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Humanity Wins Over Religion; Saving Amarnath Pilgrims Kashmiris Prove That

humanity wins

Humanity is bigger than any radicalization or any terror, the locals of Bijbehara town in Anantnag district proved this. Despite the clashes which paralyzed Kashmir for last few days the people of Bijbehara ignored that and saved almost 22 Amarnath pilgrims.

Amarnath Yatra has been postponed due to the turmoil following the death of Burhan Wani. Locals came to rescue when a bus they were travelling collided with a vehicle on the Pahalgam-Jammu National Highway. This caused the death of two people including the driver and twenty- two pilgrims were injured.

Amarnath pilgrims

In the early morning the local people were leaving for the mosque but when they heard cries they rushed to the spot and discovered the Amarnath pilgrims bleeding in the bus. Instead of going to the mosque they risked their lives and saved the pilgrims, later they shifted the injured to nearby hospitals in their private vehicles. Chief Minister of the state, Mehbooba Mufti praised the locals’ effort and said, “Who, amid trying circumstances, helped the injured Amarnath Yatris. This is the uniqueness of Kashmir’s distinct and valued culture, we must all fight to protect. Locals, themselves mourning tragic deaths in the recent law and order situation, ignored their personal grief and rushed to the accident spot to rescue the injured pilgrims.”

According to an eye-witness, “Despite all the violence around, the locals did not ignore the call of humanity.”

Every coin has its two sides. Everything can’t be wrong in someone. Hindu-Muslim rift made people to spread hatred between these two religions. Radicalization, terrorism, extremists, ISIS these all negative words only compelled to spread negativity. But in between all these we forget that we are human not any wild animal and we have one expensive feeling that is ‘Humanity’. And Humanity doesn’t depend on any religion.

The youths, who rescued those pilgrims’ lives without thinking about their own lives; they didn’t think whom they rescued were Hindu or Muslim, they just saved them. They didn’t even think of the recent unrest in the valley.

Countless protesters assembled to protest the death of Burhan Wani, a Hizbul Mujahedeen commander and the state was totally in turmoil. This commotion caused over 30 deaths and many were injure. Bijbeha was one of the valley’s worst hit in violence place. In spite of that the gesture of the Bijbehara locals was commendable.

When the locals got the news of the accident they defied curfew and rushed to the spot to rescue the injured. Almost 50 people came to evacuate them.

A pilgrim, A k Arora from Meerut said in a video, that has gone viral on social networking site, “If anyone wants to understand humanity, learn it from people of Kashmir. I felt the true value of humanity from the people of Kashmir. They came to our rescue at a time when we were abandoned by even fellow pilgrims and Army.”

This is not a point whether this help came from any ‘Muslims’ or the place was curfew hit Kashmir, the significant point is the locals, forgetting their personal grief, their grudge helped those who needed help and they only gave importance to their Humanity. Their selfless act of communal harmony doesn’t specify any particular religion, the one and only religion specified is ‘Humanity’.

Yes, they are ‘Muslim’, but they are ‘Human’ too. We all are human.

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