Husband Divorces Wife After Seeing Her Without Make-up
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Husband Divorces Wife After Seeing Her Without Make-up

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Many things would happen if color washed by water. But, did you ever think of divorcing you wife if her make-up washed away? Maybe! You could think that in your mind, but never had the courage to do so! Well! I have an example of such incident.

A few days ago, a 34 years old resident of United Arab Emirates got married. They went to Sharjah for their honeymoon. They visited Sharjah’s Al Majma beach for swimming. And that came the rub! The whole make-up of the woman washed with water. The men got surprised after seeing his wife without make-up. Thereafter he decides to divorce. He said that his wife was not beautiful. And before their wedding, she betrayed him with her make-up, false eyelids and cosmetic surgery. And so he is not going to keep any relation with that woman.

Same story of yours? Thought of going for a divorce? Well, you can. If he could, then you also can take a chance. Thereafter if you got chased by your wife with a broom, don’t come to us for suggestion!

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