Husband Murders Wife For Keeping Secret Her Smartphone Pattern
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Husband Murders Wife For Keeping Secret Her Smartphone Pattern

locked via pattern

Punam’s frozen body was on the floor, house was messed up, and several valuables were missing. Police assumed the primary purpose of the murder is robbery. But while catching the ‘robber’ the original data came out. Punam’s husband hired contract killer to kill her. His two friends helped him in murder. Police’s eyebrows were on their head after knowing the motive behind the murder. She was murdered for keeping secret of her Smartphone’s pattern lock. He gave 80000 cash to his two friends for the murder. Binitkumar Dibakar, the residence of Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh was arrested on charge of murder on Wednesday.

Binid said to police that Punam brought a smartphone a few monts ago. Since then she began to tend to phone. The situation was like that she didn’t even bother to take care of his or their 4 year old daughter. Binit repeatedly warned her. So far listening to him, in reverse, she locked her phone with pattern to conceal her activity. And therein also leads to the suspicion of Binit. Despite his repeated question she didn’t tell him the lock code and so he made to murder her and hired his two friends, Lakhan and Kamal. A couple of days ago, they went to Binit’s home in excuse of some work. Binit was in kanpur for job purpose. He said Punam about them before. They strangulated Punam to death that night. Then they wiped out the house to make the murder as robbery and ran away with valuables.

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