Hyderabad Doctor Arrested For Selling Marijuana Chocolate On Instagram
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Hyderabad Doctor Arrested For Selling Marijuana Chocolate On Instagram


A neurologist who sold marijuana chocolates on social media for the last two years was arrested by the Hyderabad police.

A special operation team of Rachakonda police arrested Mohammad Sujath Ali Khan, 35 from Bahadoorpura area after raiding his house on January 27.

In 2006, he passed out of a medical college in Hyderabad in 2006 and later worked with the government-run Nizamsagar Institute of Medical Sciences till 2014 before setting up his business.

For the last two years, he mixed powder marijuana with chocolate and sold it in small cups through his Instagram account. Different types of marijuana chocolate were labelled depending how much marijuana was mixed. The cost varied from Rs 500 to Rs 1,800 per box of 10 chocolates.

Sujath confessed he was inspired by whiskey chocolate, rum balls and bhang. He claimed after experienced whiskey chocolate he got the idea of preparing marijuana chocolate. He had many clients from several cities Hyderabad, Vellore, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Pune and Chennai. A majority of Khan’s clients included women and children.

According to the police, Khan opened pages on Instagram in the name of Weedibles.hyd and Weedibles.India. He had 700-800 followers. Special Operation Team (SOT) inspector Narsing Rao told TOI, “The accused used to get payment through net banking, while the chocolates used to be delivered through courier. He used to earn about Rs 40,000 by selling the products.”

Khan himself was addicted to marijuana. He learnt to make chocolate after watching videos. The doctor used to buy marijuana from peddlers and then converted it into a fine powder and mixed it with chocolate powder to make the toffees.

The accused had clients at least 3,000 across India. He somehow felt sweets would possibly deceive security during transportation. The different varieties of chocolate X, XX, XXX, 4X, 5X and 6X represented the amount of marijuana content in the chocolate. Like in a 5X chocolate there would be about 15 grams of marijuana in the chocolate.

The ad on Instagram read, “Premium handcrafted Nutella/chocolate based edibles infused with purified concentrated extracts; custom made to individual requirement.”

After seeing the ad on Instagram a customer called him and Khan would instruct the ingredients of the chocolate bar.

Khan also used to work out at a gym in Bahadurpura. As he was a doctor the gym regulars sought his advice on the right kind of food to eat.

During the raid police seized 45 marijuana chocolates, a pack ready for delivery to Vellore.  Police said his family members had no idea about his illegal business.

The sale, production, consumption and transportation of Marijuana is illegal in India as per the Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances in India Act 1985.

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