Hyderabad ISIS Module: More Key Members Arrested
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Hyderabad ISIS Module: More Key Members Arrested


NIA (National Investigation Agency) on Tuesday arrested two other key operatives of the Hyderabad terror module, Naimathullah Hussaini alias Yasir alias Abu Darda and another Athaullah Rehman. This IS terror module was first busted on 29th June which led to 5 arrests.

attanulla and syed
Naimathullah Hussaini and Athaullah Rehman

The NIA arrested them on charges of their involvement in terror module which has linked with ISIS and conspiring bomb attack in various places in Hyderabad. Sources in Telangana Intelligence Department told PTI, “Yasir Niamatullah, chief of Hyderabad module, and Athaullah Rehman, a motivator who raised funds, have been arrested by NIA from here and they are being produced in court.”

With the help of Hyderabad police the other five were arrested from 10 areas of the old city area. The five convicts are Mohammed Ibrahim Yazdani alias Ibbu, Habeeb Mohammed alias Sir, Mohammed Ilyas Yazdani, Abdullah Bin Ahmed Al Amoodi and Muzaffar Hussain Rizwan.

An investigation conducted by NIA and on 22nd June NIA lodged a complaint for “criminal conspiracy to wage war against the Government of India” by collecting weapons and targeting government buildings.

Except the explosive they also found two semi-automatic pistols, a large number of digital gadgets including laptops, 40 mobile phones, 32 SIM cards, an air gun with telescopic sight, and a large number of hard disks, memory cards, pen drives and tabs during its search.

All these offenders are from 20-40 age groups with different professional backgrounds. Their educational qualifications differ from SSC to engineering graduates.

The identities of 5 have revealed:

Ibrahim and Ilyas Yazdani- They are brothers and they are from Ahl-E-Hadis which has connection with ISIS. They are recruiters of ISIS ideology and mastermind of the IS module.

Ibrahim the elder brother is wanted as he arranged the funds and explosives.

Ilyas collected ammonium nitrate to make explosives. He was drafted into IS with the assistance of one Atta Ullah Rahman.

Abdul Bin Ahmad- He arranged acetone and hydrogen peroxide to make explosives.

Habib Mohammad- He was responsible to arrange funds, pistols and bomb making equipments. Often meetings held in his house and the ISIS module met at his residence to make explosives.

Muzaffar Hussain Rizwan- He arranged detonators and fixed coordinators to the targeted places.

How NIA executed the operation

On 29th June different teams of NIA entered the houses of these people. They were in group of 115-20 people in plain dress and without number plate vehicles. The family objected as they forcefully entered the houses. They didn’t even declare their identity. When some family members asked their identity they just said ‘from NIA’ and at some other houses they said they were from income tax. They  show neither search warrant nor arrest warrant. After entering the houses they separated the women and children from men. If anyone questioned them about their operation they got only the reply ‘investigation’.

Based on the five’s information, the NIA had raided several places in Nanded in Maharashtra where they bought two automatic pistols and in Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh from where they purchased chemicals.

The five were produced in NIA court today on 13th July and their custody extended till 26th July. The two who were arrested today also sent to NIA custody till 26th July.

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