India Hopes To Meet Its Energy Requirements From Moon By 2030
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India Hopes To Meet Its Energy Requirements From Moon By 2030

moon to help india

Earth’s neighbour will help India in its energy crisis. India may meet all its energy requirements from the moon by 2030, ISRO scientists said on Saturday.

At an event in New Delhi, an ISRO professor, Sivathanu Pillai said all of India’s energy requirements could be met by helium-3 mined from the moon. During the three-day ORF Kalpana Chawla Space Policy Dialogue organised by Observer Research Foundation he stated that by 2030 the target will be met.

Pillai was a former chief of BrahMos Aerospace said ISRO’s priority is to mining lunar dust which is rich in helium-3. He mentioned other countries also researching on the same project. Scientists believed there is enough helium on the moon to meet the energy requirements of the world.

He joked, “In a few decades, people will be going to the moon for honey-moon.” As helium-3 is an isotope it can help to create safer nuclear energy for every country. Researchers assumed it is non-radioactive so it will not react violently. It will also not produce waste products like the other nuclear energy are using.

The European Space Agency wrote on its website, “This isotope could provide safer nuclear energy in a fusion reactor, since it is not radioactive and would not produce dangerous waste products.”

Scientists and professors are very hopeful about this finding. The ISRO scientists are hoping this project will be a great success. This will not only keep the people safe but also the environment.

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