India Inducts INS Arihant; With That It Joins The Nuclear Triad
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India Inducts INS Arihant; Joins The Nuclear Triad

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India inducted its indigenous nuclear submarine INS Arihant in August, according to a report on Tuesday. The INS Arihant is now becoming fully operational and with that India joined the ‘Nuclear triad’ club of superpowers. News X reported that this can launch nuclear weapons from land, sea and air-based systems.

According to ‘The Hindu’, Navy Chief Admiral Sunil Lanba formally commissioned the INS Arihant in August. Sources said that for the sake of secrecy it is not being referred as INS Arihant.

With that, India now joined with UK, USA, Russia, France and China who developed nuclear armed submarines.

It gives India the power to fight back in case of a ‘second strike’ in a nuclear counter attack. This is important because Pakistan has its ‘First Strike Policy’ compared to India’s ‘No strike policy’. So in that case Pakistan’s ‘First strike’ policy allows it to use nuclear weapon against India even if India does not.

All about INS Arihant

It is India’s first indigenous submarine. In 2009 the lead ship of Arihant’s nuclear-powered ballistic missiles submarines was launched.

The vessel is 6,000 tonne and was built under the Advanced Technology Vessel (ATV). The then Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh first launched Arihant on 26th July, 2009.

The vessel has 12 smaller K-15 missile system, it can carry nuclear warheads to a range of 750 km. It has 4 longer K-4 missiles.

News agency IANS reported in April that in March this year the K-4 ballistic missile was test fired secretly from the Arihant. But the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) refused to comment on that matter.

The submarine will be powered by 73 mw pressurized light water reactor. The Russians helped the scientists of Bhaba Atomic Research Centre in miniaturizing the water reactor to fit into the 10m diameter hull of the nuclear submarine. It is reported that BARC scientists also assisted Russia to miniature the reactor.

The Arihant’s design is based on Russia’s Akula-1 class submarine.

In 2009, at the time of its launch engineering majors Larsen and Toubro said that the submarine building was critical.

Media report said that Tata Power built the control system of the submarine and the Walchandnagar Industries supplied the system for the steam turbine integrated with the reactor.

This type of nuclear submarines are capable to stay out at the sea longer unlike the conventional diesel-electric submarines which have to come up to the surface to change the batteries at regular intervals.

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