India Will Remember For Generations If Pak Launchs Surgical Strikes: General Raheel Sharif
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India Will Remember For Generations If Pak Launches Surgical Strikes : Pakistan’s General Raheel Sharif

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Pakistan on Thursday warned India that its military is “battle hardened” to respond India’s any aggression. Army chief General Raheel Sharif said if anytime Pakistan launched surgical strikes India would not be able to forget it for generations.

“If Pakistan were to launch surgical strikes, India would not be able to forget it for generations to come.”

He said if Pakistan launched such strikes India would be teaching its future generation as part of their syllabus what a surgical strike is and how Pakistan conducted it. The army chief also rejected that India had carried out surgical strikes.

The General addressing a tribal jirga in Bara after inaugurating a cricket stadium named after famous cricketer Shahid Afridi in Khyber tribal region. “India had staged a drama about its so-called surgical strikes by making false claims about intruding 30 kilometers into Pakistani territory on at least five locations.”

The army chief gave a clear message to PM Modi, “I have given a very clear message to Modi Sarkar that we have fought and sorted them out (Taliban), so if needed to fight with a uniformed (Indian) army, we will pierce in the middle of their army.”

He confirmed his retirement on 29th November. The chief said after his retirement he would dedicate his life for the benefit of the families of martyred soldiers.

Pakistan Air force and Navy dismissed any threat

Air force chief Marshal Sohail Aman at the 9th International Defence Exhibition and Seminar in Karachi said Pakistan is not worried about any danger from India and the military is well prepared to fight back. “We know how to grab them and where to hit them. But let me tell you frankly, we are not worried about India at all.”

Also, the naval chief Admiral Muhammad Zakaullah shrugged off any threat to the country’s marine borders. He said there were “other factors” behind India’s current aggression. “There are several other factors which are behind this recent aggression (by India), but we are retaliating in a much stronger way. They (Indians) know it well that whenever they try to mischief, we will respond and respond strongly.”

Last week, Pakistan Navy claimed they repelled an Indian submarine after it detected near its territorial waters. But India denied the charge said “blatant lies”.

The naval chief alleged, “If India does something like this again, Pakistan Navy will respond to protect our sovereignty.”

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