Indian Woman Alleges She Was Forced To Marry A Pakistani At Gunpoint
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Indian Woman Alleges She Was Forced To Marry A Pakistani At Gunpoint

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A 20-year-old Indian woman on Monday approached the Indian High Commission and issued a complaint that she was forced to marry a Pakistani man at gunpoint. She requested the Commission to repatriate her and told she was subjected to violence and sexual abuse.

She said, “That night, Tahir sexually assaulted and tortured me and threatened to kill me if I did not sign the Nikah Nama the next day. They showed me a gun and threatened me. They took my signature on (the) Nikah Nama at gunpoint.”

The woman Uzma has taken refuge at the Indian High Commission in Islamabad. She claimed Tahir, a resident of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa mentally tortured her. She met Tahir in Malaysia about eight months ago.

The girl reached Pakistan via the Wagah border on May 1 and they got married on May 3 in Buner in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

On Monday she filed a case against Tahir at an Islamabad court. She asserted, “He was soft-spoken, a nice person and spoke to me in English. When I came back to India and got again in touch with him, he told me to come to Pakistan. He sent me the sponsor letter and I crossed into Pakistan via Wagah border.”

She alleged when she was in the car Mr. Tahir Ali gave her some medicine and Uzma became unconscious. When she woke up she realised she was at his home. Tahir physically assaulted and mentally tortured her and threatened to kill her if she did not sign the Nikah Nama. Uzma said after coming to Pakistan she got to know that he was already married and even had four children.

She even said that if the court sends her with Tahir in his village then only her dead body will come. “If I go to Tahir’s village only my dead body will come. My immigration papers were snatched by Tahir in front of the High Commission. I will stay inside the High Commission.”

Ali in his opinion told the reporters all the charges against him were false and Uzma married to him with her free will. He told, “She was well aware that I was already married and she went to the Indian High Commission on May 5 for an interview to get a visa for me. I accompanied her. But the High Commission officials asked me to wait outside. When my wife did not return after three hours I asked from the counter who told me to go back as she did not want to go with me.” Tahir also filed a case with the local police.

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) stated that the Indian High Commission was working with the Pakistan Foreign Ministry for her safe return. Uzma’s brother also met External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj.

The Pakistani High Commission in New Delhi said according to the immigration document Uzma obtained the visa under visitor category. The Pakistani authorities said that she did not share her plans to marry when she applied for the visa.

The Indian High Commission is providing necessary consular assistance to Uzma and in touch with the Pakistan Foreign Office on the matter and her family in India.

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