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International Women’s Day: Every Women Must Have These 15 Apps


On this International Women’s Day, let’s take a look at apps that women must have in their smartphones.

SOS stay safe


It’s a personal safety app that allows the user to reach out for help by sending an SMS and/or an email to the emergency contacts along with a one-minute voice recording, giving exact location and battery status of the phone, with a simple phone-shake. These are sent at regular intervals to provide real time GPS tracking for your location. This app is available to download for free on Android.

Period Tracker


It’s a reminder app. To save you from the harrowing experience of forgetting to keep a tab on your period, the app sends you a reminder two days in advance. Apart from tracking your period, this app can efficiently manage things such as next dates of your periods, symptoms, medicines etc. It allows you to add personal remarks as well, helping for any symptoms like headaches, acne, hectic fever, hot flashes, PMS etc. There’s also a pill reminder feature.



This one’s a no-brainer and you probably have it, but that’s how important this app really is. With this brilliant unique caller ID you can avoid telemarketers, block stalkers, and pretty much know exactly who’s calling you every single time.



Snapseed is one of the best photo-editing apps out there. It gives pictures a subtle touch-up without making them look too dramatic. With Snapseed, it might seem like the app has limited options for editing pictures but you are in for a surprise as you start using the app going to one effect from another, one by one. What really sets Snapseed apart is its easy-to-use UI. The app is ideal for people who are a lot more occupied with other things but won’t share pictures on social media without editing.



With the DesiDime app on your mobile phone, you will have the chance to shop daily as well as save big bucks every time you do. Here, you will get all the best and popular deals, coupons and cashback offers of the day from various online stores, in one place. Be it clothes, fashion accessories, gadgets, movie tickets, restaurant orders, flight or cab bookings, groceries, go shopping for anything on DesiDime app and you will find a great offer awaiting you. And since you just can’t shop alone, this app also has forums with thousands of members, experienced in online shopping, posting and discussing deals, giving store reviews, product reviews and excellent shopping advice, thus helping you make a well-informed purchase.

Good Budget


A personal accountant, record book, financial manager, budget planner, all rolled into one, this app is an absolute must-have if numbers is just not your thing. And neither is keeping track of your expenses.

Employment News in India


A blessing for all those who are interested in government jobs, this app is pretty detailed and comes with information of all the available job openings. The app also ends you notifications of job openings in your areas of interest through email and phone. It helps you hunt government jobs categorically and according to your educational qualification.

Mother’s World


This app, launched by Mom & Me, is a personalized pregnancy app which gives you regular updates as your pregnancy progresses. The information included has been endorsed by medical experts. This app can be downloaded for free.



 For a lot of women, fitness is only about losing weight. However, apps like HealthifyMe can do a lot more to keep you healthy such as monitor your daily diet. The app easily syncs with smartbands like Fitbit, Mi Band, Google Fit and YUFIT. The good thing with this app is, it can count calories in Indian food and help keep a log of your diet. You can choose to team up with a trainer or limit your calorie intake using the app, which in turn helps to keep fit.

Indian Penal Code


You might often wonder what makes the judges decide on a punishment and what makes them give seemingly harsh or mild punishments. Well, the Indian Penal Code app will tell you. The app gives full, unedited Section Content of all the 554 Sections along with chapters and section lists. Apart from that, the sections are also searchable within the app. This app provides every ‘aam’ Indian with the knowledge of the laws in the country. A unique and very useful app.



A working lady or a homemaker, one thing that haunts them everyday is the daily question of “What to cook!” This app comes in handy when you don’t have time to think about the same old question              as it gives you a fresh recipe every day. You can also browse through some of the popular recipe.



Pay bills, shop for the most random stuff possible, and pay bills for just about anything on the go with this one. Mobile balance running low, or don’t have enough change to pay your cabbie? This app will come to your rescue

Ola cabs


If you need a cab to go to office, party or back home, you don’t need to call agencies and wait for someone to come and take your call. Ola cabs come to the rescue. With more than 300,000 cabs in 100+ cities, Ola is the most popular cab booking service in India. With a quick and smooth signup process, it won’t take you long while booking your first ride. If you’re lucky enough to get a referral code, sign up with the code to get your first ride free.



The company provides online travel services including flight tickets, domestic and international holiday packages, hotel reservations, rail and bus tickets, etc. The company has been recognized as one of India’s best travel portals.



With their mission “to ensure nobody has a bad meal”, Zomato is the best app to provide you information and reviews on restaurants, including images of menus where the restaurant doesn’t have their own website.



Netflix is entertainment on-the-go, which makes it one of the essential apps of the list. Especially with the new download option, you can binge-watch even in places where there’s no stable network connection. Women, who travel long distances for work, will surely find it a great option to pass time in metro or office bus. I addition to, It has a wide array of TV shows, documentaries and movies, some of which can be downloaded to watch later. Moreover, it has stacked up an impressive lineup of inspirational movies on Women’s Day to inspire you to do more.

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