ISIS In Bengal - New Jihad strategy To Make Bengal A Jihad Land
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ISIS In Bengal – New Jihad strategy To Make Bengal A Jihad Land

ISIS terror in Bengal

It is a matter of concern that the number of ISIS followers are rising in West Bengal. Police suspected about the calls which were made in last few weeks from Kolkata to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). It is believed that the calls were made after the Burdwan blast in 2014. The Centre warned the Bengal government about the ISIS activities in Bengal, especially the border areas where a recruitment campaign has started by the terror group.

According to a Central Intelligence Agency source, “The calls were very cleverly routed and we will require more time to trace the caller in Kolkata. The person at the other end of the line seems to be the one who is in charge of recruitment of Indians into the ISIS. Much before the blast at Khagragarh, the Mumbai ATS had traced a man in Sharjah who is in charge of the recruitment of Indians. Some youths from Maharashtra are suspected to have slipped into Bangladesh through West Bengal to join the ISIS”.

ISIS militants

Local Cops and Intelligence Bureau questioned 50 youths and 30 are under scanner. 80 sympathizers are from Bengal and others are from Assam. Concerning the rising number, on 12 July the Home Ministry has called a meeting with the ATS chiefs of all states. Officials alerted that the concerned areas would be West Bengal and Assam and ISIS already announced Bengal Caliphate. The amalgamation of Jamat- ul- Mujahedeen Bangladesh (JMB) and the followers of ISIS both want to preach ideology of Islam and that’s a worry for Bengal, a media report said.

Police believed these followers of ISIS are from educated and affluent family so they are keeping watch on cyber world. Centre has also asked the State Government to combat terrorism in the villages they should appoint religious leaders of a particular community.

The central Intelligence Agency Source also alleged, “The JMB is suspected to have facilitated this movement both in Bangladesh and West Bengal. In the last few months, youths from Hyderabad — including some women — were apprehended in West Bengal while trying to enter Bangladesh. They said that they planned to join the ISIS. The youths were taken back to Hyderabad and counseled.”

It’s nothing new that ISIS has connection with Bangladesh but the new phase is that phone calls from Kolkata which has proven that the Kolkata operatives were also included in the whole matter. Intelligence Bureau said JMB took the concept of an Islamic State in Bangladesh and extended parts of Bengal from ISIS.

The source also said, “It is a matter of concern that the ISIS is monitoring developments in India. This proves that it has plans for India as well. There has been some indoctrination about ISIS among youths in the bordering districts of Malda, Murshidabad and Nadia. JMB believes that it will succeed in including these districts in the Caliphate.”

He added, “It is unfortunate that some people fail to see the true picture but the danger is very real. The first part of the plan will be to create severe chaos in Bangladesh and get a section of military officers, both serving and retired, to stage a coup. The next part is to fan the flames of fundamentalism to such an extent that the heat is felt across the border in India. JMB will then turn its attention to India, particularly Bengal. There are several JMB modules operating in the state. They are working independent of each other with the sole objective of creating an army to rise in favour of a religious state”.

IB officials warned that the current focus for these youth is now Bangladesh but very soon their focus would be shifted into India through Bangladesh and Assam. In a recent video they believed, the emir of the Bengal Caliphate, Sheikh Abu Ibrahim called the followers to launch attack. In the conversation he spoke about two attacks, in which the first was launched in Bangladesh and then it would be in India.

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