Taking U- turn ISIS Bans Women From Wearing Burqas
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ISIS Takes U-turn From Their Hardline Policy; Bans Women From Wearing Burqas

isis bans burqa

In a shocking U-turn, Islamic States reportedly is banning women to wearing burqas at security checkpoints in Mosul, Iraq.

This militant group mercilessly beaten and killed women for not wearing burqas, now they have changed their mind for the sake of their own security risk.

Iranian State Broadcaster Al Alam News Network said the terrorist chief declared this order because in recent months, women wearing burqas and niqabs attacked the ISIS commanders in a series of attacks.

Iraqi News reported that on Monday a veiled woman attacked and killed two ISIS members with a pistol in Salah al-Din region. The ISIS men were standing at the checkpoint in Sharqat, north of Salah al-Din. The militant group surprised with the incident and they were forced to take the decision.

This is against their hardline policy on veil as they punished women including with death sentence for not wearing burqa. In December 2015, ISIS killed three women in Mosul for not wearing hijab with a biter, an instrument which is like tong with sharp metal teeth at its end.

In another incident in August last year ISIS had executed five women with stone in Mosul for not wearing hijab.

This is the same place where ISIS banned burqa in checkpoints. This veil freedom only exists at the checkpoint but women outside the Mosul’s security area still required wearing burqa.

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