Israel Warns Its Citizens Travelling To India For The New Year Celebrations
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Israel Warns Its Citizens Travelling To India For The New Year Celebrations

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Israel warned its citizens visiting India over the New Year celebrations and advised to stay away from parties and gatherings particularly in the southwest part of the country as there is a “concrete basic threat” on foreign travellers.

Yesterday Israel’s Counter-Terrorism Bureau said in a statement, “We are warning Israeli tourists in India of the possibility of imminent terrorist attacks against western targets and tourists, particularly in the southwest of that country.”

The warning also said the Israeli tourists in India should be alerted and must pay attention to the local media reports and security agencies. “Furthermore, families with relatives in India are asked to update them about the travel warning and recommendation.”

According to security forces, the party gatherings on New Year eve on Goa beaches are popular foreign tourist spots. These gatherings could be easy targets for the terrorists.

Earlier, Israel issued such kind of warning too, particularly for Goa. But this time the warning is for southern and western parts of India like Goa, Mumbai, Pune and Cochin, the popular holiday destinations.

The Israel alert included the spots like Taj Mahal and Red Fort in Delhi which are also on high alert.

An Israeli Embassy spokesman in New Delhi said “Israel has issued a travel advisory surrounding New Year’s Eve celebrations events in south-west India, with specific regard to beach parties, clubs and highly-populated tourist sites. Israeli tourists are advised to avoid such events and other densely-populated areas.”

Also, the Indian Intelligence Bureau officials earlier issued the same warning that foreign tourists could be targeted during the New Year celebrations.

The alert issued after the investigators interrogated the IS inspired operatives who told they were planning to attack foreign tourists.

India is a popular tourist destination for Israel citizens. A Jewish post stated every year almost 20,000 former Israeli soldiers travel to India.

In past, many Jewish sites and Israeli citizens were attacked, during the 2008 Mumbai terror attack, LeT terrorists targeted the local Chabad House among other sites in Mumbai.

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