Israeli Forces Kill 4 IS Terrorists In First Direct Clashes Between Israel And IS
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Israeli Forces Kill 4 IS Terrorists In First Direct Clashes Between Israel And The IS

Israel force killed 4 IS militants

Israeli forces killed four IS terrorists in Syria after exchanging fire in the first direct clashes between Israel and the IS in southern Golan Heights on Sunday.

A military spokesman said the militants opened fire on the military patrol on the Israeli side of Golan Heights.

The battle started when a unit of Israel Defence Forces (IDF) Golani Brigade carried out an ambush and crossed the fence remaining in the Israel territory when the ISIS attacked them with heavy machine gun and mortar fire.

Lt. Col Peter Lerner said that the patrol came under mortar fire and machine gun.

This is suspected that all of the militants were from “Shuhada al-Yarmouk,” an IS offshoot which controls the area.

Learner asserted that none of the Israeli soldiers from the Golani Brigade were injured.

A senior official said, “We don’t know all the outcomes of the event. There is great probability there are four dead and the heavy machine gun was destroyed.” He added, “The terrorists are from Shuhada al-Yarmouk, with all the significance that organization’s name carries. The Israeli forces didn’t lie in ambush by chance.”

An army official was quoted as saying by news website ‘Ynet’, “The response was sharp and swift and was intended to send a message that we are in the area and are determined to protect our border. The IDF’s response took place within minutes.”

He added, “We have no intention of escalating matters in the area but we will not accept a reality in which forces open fire in our direction.”

 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the IDF and he mentioned it at the weekly cabinet meeting. “I wish to praise IDF (Israel Defence Forces) soldiers for thwarting an attack on our northern border.”

In 2012, Shuhada al-Yarmouk was established and later joined with ISIS. The group in 2016 was joined together into another organization called Jish Khaled Ibn al-Walid which also identified as ISIS.

According to the IDF website, the group was the active arm of ISIS and the group responsible for seizing 21 UNDOF troops from the Philippines as hostages in 2013.

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