JeM Chief Asks Pak Government To Open The Path For Jihad Against India
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JeM Chief Masood Azhar Asks Pakistan Government To Show Courage And Open The Path For Jihad Against India

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Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) chief Masood Azhar has asked the Pakistani government to “show a little courage” and open the paths for terrorist groups so they can get the open access to act against India. On Thursday, Indian Express reported that Azhar’s appeal to the government published in the current issue of the Jaish weekly magazine, al-Qalam.

The Pathankot terror attack mastermind said that “a lack of decisive decision making” could rob Pakistan of a “historic opportunity” to take control over Kashmir.

His appeal came after the Pakistan’s civilian government asked the military to take action against the militant groups.

In the front page article he wrote if the government can show a “little courage” then the Kashmir dispute and the water supply “can be resolved once and for all right now. If nothing else, the government simply has to open the path for the Mujahideen. Then, god willing, all the bitter memories of 1971 will be dissolved into the triumphant emotions of 2016.”

The year 1971 is remembered as the Pakistan’s defeat in the Bangladesh Liberation War where Indian armed forces and Pakistani Mukti Bahini fought together and defeated the Pakistani armed forces.

In the appeal he further said, “Consider India before and after the jihad in Kashmir…You will see a dramatic difference. In the course of this journey, which I have been an eyewitness to, I have seen India reduced from a serpent to an earthworm.”

He wrote after the Pathankot and Uri attack, India was continually pressurize Pakistan. “Given that Kashmir is our jugular vein, we should have cancelled the SAARC conference ourselves, and cancelled the ceasefire on the Line of Control.” Azhar questioned, “In the last ninety days, how many Muslims have been martyred, and how many more injured?”

He argued in the article, “When we entered the tent of the jihadist movement, it had no branch in Kashmir, nor was there lightning in Iraq or Syria. There were just two fronts, in Afghanistan and Palestine, one of them active and one of them shut.”

Earlier, Pakistan daily Dawn reported that Nawaz Sharif chaired a meeting where Foreign Secretary Aizaz Chaudhry gave a presentation and said that the country is facing isolation for its continuous support for militant groups.

After the Uri attack the Indian army said that the terrorists who were killed during the attack belonged to JeM.

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